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Last week, I posted this photo from around 2004 to my Instagram page, and I fell in love with everyone’s replies! So many of you said that you had old images of yourselves from way back when, in the days of yore full of crushed velvet and mesh.

Post your old Super Goff images to Instagram so we can compare corsets and synthetic hair, using the hashtag #ItWasntJustAPhase. We’ll feature our favorites on the blog in a few weeks!

Erin in 1999. I think we all still have dried flowers in at least one place in our homes.
Sam in high school circa the early 90s. Halloween decorations were just a coincidence.
Yes, Erin’s jacket sleeve does say “Net Goth”

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  1. Wow… i got into it when I was 14 or 15, which must have been around 2003 – just had to calculate twice on that. I only have very few pictures of back then, as I wasn’t allowed to wear black at home or at school. Even my black eye liner was critiqued all the time, everyone saying “black looked too hard on me”… wow, my Environment hasn’t really changed since then, but I get away with wearing allover black and gothy stuff way more often, even at work. Cost me quite some elbow grease (and lots of cried-trough nights) to reach that.