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Anatomical Tarot

Anatomical Tarot

I must be subconsciously sending out “Give Me All The Tarot Decks” messages into the world, because I feel like every time I turn my computer on, there’s at least one deck that catches my eye (and I’m not even actively looking).

The Antique Anatomy deck is currently available to *pre-order from Black and the Moon on Etsy, with stylistic cards featuring creative commons images via the Wellcome Library. This is a complete Tarot deck, comprised of 78 cards, and a color 30 card Oracle of Oddities deck is also available.

Since I was a little girl I have had two loves; the occult and vintage oddities. As time went on I knew I wanted to have a deck to read that combined those two things. When I could not find one, the Antique Anatomy Tarot was born. I have carefully cleaned and restored antique medical imagery while preserving the vintage texture and look and combined them with classic elements of the Tarot to create something that I feel is truly special.

I cannot wait for mine to arrive.

*Edited to Add: It looks like the both decks have quickly sold out of the pre-sale! Hopefully, the shop will have them available soon so that everyone can secure their own.

Anatomical Tarot Anatomical Tarot Anatomical Tarot

Anatomical Tarot

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