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Flowers From the Dead: An Animal Bones Divination Deck

Flowers From the Dead

Descending from a line of spiritualist and tarot readers, The Flowers From The Dead divination deck was created by Seattle artist Misha Huntting.

“A little about my process and intent with the Flowers From the Dead deck: I’ve created one other deck called the American Obscura which was printed about 5 years ago. I loved making the deck and I read with it at a space in downtown Seattle for a while but I wanted to make something new for a couple of reasons. I felt that after reading for people and teaching classes that people were really dependent on the idea of rules and “doing it wrong”. I feel that tarot reading and divination is very personal and and intuition based and I wanted to make something that people wouldn’t have to look at a book and the meanings would be more user friendly and broad so people would have to rely on their instincts a little more. My greatest joy is watching people use it that have never touched tarot cards before and watching them explore it and learn to trust themselves.

Each card is an animal and the meaning is aligned with spirit animal meanings more or less. There are 4 humans in the deck, these people represent the 4 major influences American Folk Magic, there’s The Green Man, A Catholic woman, a Voodoo Priestess and a native gentleman. All the animals are native to North America.”

The 27 card deck comes with a instruction card featuring a five card spread, and each card has its interpretative meaning printed on the bottom. The black and white sketch designs on each card are stark and simple, which I feel makes for an quick reading. There really aren’t any “negative” cards in the deck, the closest being “Fear and Avoidance”, but that works for the motivational style reading that this deck’s spread suggests.

You may purchase The Flowers From The Dead divination deck by clicking here.

Flowers From The Dead

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  1. I bought this deck at one of my favorite local oddity shops memento mori (they have a great storeenvy site) since I was 14 I’ve used the Thoth deck which can be complicated as you have to study the book written about using it and the language can be esoteric. I have a Halloween tarot deck (any goths remember when that one came out?) and others but this one is by far the easiest to use, I’ve found it helpful to use it on a grid I made with found skulls and bones around a quartz tower. I love this deck it truly has helped me a lot.

  2. I literally just got this deck in the mail yesterday and I love it! It is a very easy read and the images are stunning.