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New Advertiser: Birds N Bones Jewelry


Please welcome our newest advertiser, Birds N Bones Jewelry

Birds N Bones Jewelry‘s Zoe Cope and Ashley Lagasse met while in a small metals casting class at the Academy of Art University. After realizing they eachhad an individual box of dead things in their lockers, they figured they should probably be friends. As the semester progressed, many of their molds had a similar aesthetic, as that they were almost always of different animal bones and parts. Both Zoe and Ashley were usually at the school studio until it closed and the idea of creating a collection together happened organically. Forged in burns, hammered fingers, accidentally melted silver, and late night pizza runs, their budding jewelry skills and friendship grew over four years.

Consider Birds N Bones pieces to be the special elements in your jewelry arsenal. The ones you wear to feel powerful, strong, magical, and even mystical. Their pieces aren’t just for adornment, they are created to fit seamlessly into your life be it at work, getting coffee, making art, traveling, or even casting spells. Each piece is handcrafted in their studios, Zoe’s in Portland Oregon and Ashley’s in Brooklyn New York.

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