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Ovate X lvnea: Fleurs Étrangères


Admirers and devotees of both the elegant simplicity of Ovate’s spare, beautiful apparel and lvnea‘s luxurious, hand-crafted natural fragrances will no doubt be over the moon to hear of their recently released collaboration Fleurs Étrangères – and the timing could not be more perfect for those amongst us in need of some luminous self-love and lavish care in the late autumn/early winter of 2016, which I am sure most will agree has been a brutally distressing year.

Soak, slather, and anoint yourself with all manner of sumptuous delights from this collection of all natural, botanical apothecary products, which includes: perfume oil, lip balms, milk bath, bath salts, body scrub, clay masque, body serum, hair oil, salve, room spray and a candle. These dreamy, nourishing goods will be sold both in sets and individually.

Peek at some of our anticipated favorites from this gorgeous assortment, below.

Hibiscus and hawthorne bath salts
Lavender and sage body serum
Rose and red clover lip balm
Violet milk bath
Botanical bathing set

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