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Summoning Spirits with Daniel Danger’s Mystifying Oracle Spirit Board

The work of New England-based illustrator and printmaker Daniel Danger is permeated with beautiful melancholy. Each exquisitely detailed new poster in his ever-increasing oeuvre feels like a glimpse into a ghost story. Danger creates shadowy portals that reveal grief and heartbreak manifest as abandoned houses, their resident ghosts made visible to our eyes alone, phantom memories struggling to remember things that perhaps should remain forgotten. Scenes of urban decay in the form of deserted shopping malls, theatres, and amusement parks where nature is gradually reclaiming its own. Lost souls drifting through midnight neighborhoods and forests or spectral guardians radiating pure white light where all else is darkness and ruin.

And so it makes perfect sense that Daniel Danger has just released his own Mystifying Oracle Spirit Board Set, particularly now, while the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.


Just like his highly coveted posters, each element of this limited edition set is painstakingly detailed, demanding our eyes examine every surface, take in every texture, and peer into all the shadowy spaces.

“I really wanted to create something unique and out of the norm for myself, and to have fun with my own aesthetic and narrative legacy. The concept of ghosts, and their many interpretable meanings and metaphors, are crucial to everything I do as an artist. Important as well is the notion of communication, sometimes between far away and illogical places and times, loss, and distance.”

The set includes:
– Custom 10×15” Spirit board and full wrap box
– Custom laser-cut doorway planchette
– Signed instruction card numbered out of 150 copies in a 2nd edition.


– Set of three new 9×12” four color screenprints


– Two 1.25” enamel pins in felt bag


Created in a limited edition of 150 pieces, the Daniel Danger Spirit Board Set is currently available to order via Daniel Danger’s online store.