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Kermit Tesoro’s Memento Mori For Darkling Botanists


We’ve previously stood in awe of Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro’s avant-garde, fantastical  footwear (not literally of course–who can actually stand in these splendid, treacherous grotesqueries?) but today over on Instagram we are coveting his recent, more down-to-earth designs: a veritable mountain of intricately sculpted, skull-shaped planters for which to house one’s darkling botanicals.

Though we’ve barely gotten through mid-winter celebrations, we are already longing for breezy spring days during which we can re-pot our houseplants–the ones we haven’t killed yet, anyway!– in Tesoro’s gorgeous osteological-inspired urns, and begin building the gothic poison garden catacombs that we’ve been dreaming of.

Though at first glance these creepy cranial containers would appear to be a personal project and not yet available for purchase, Tesoro coyly notes in an Instagram comment that he may offer them for sale if one were to message him directly via Instagram.




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  1. i would love to purchase three of your wonderful skulls. one in each color would be great. please contact me for further details.

    thank you, peggy