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New Sponsor: Lost Apostle Jewelry

Lost ApostlePlease welcome our newest sponsor, Lost Apostle Jewelry

The humble beginnings of Lost Apostle started nine years ago behind a market stall in East London. They are now based in Montreal, and have perfected their style with a strong presence in the alternative jewelry world.

Lost Apostle Jewelry

James and Nadya, the married duo behind Lost Apostle, originally met in the UK, both selling silver jewelry that they had designed and created at their own market stalls. As silver prices went up, and up, and up some more, it wasn’t long before they were looking for a different medium in which to work. Enter Bronze: the perfect choice for casting jewelry, as it expands when it cools and in doing so, gets into all the tiny details of the mold. Called the Lost Wax process, a method that’s been around for about five thousand years, and how each and every piece of Lost Apostle Jewelry gets made.

Each piece of jewelry in the Lost Apostle collection is likened to a miniature sculpture, a testament to James and Nadya’s love to detail and quality workmanship.

Lost Apostle Jewelry

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Lost Apostle Jewelry

Lost Apostle Jewelry