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Anatomy In Black: Dazzling Drawings From Emily Evans

Anatomy in Black

Emily Evans’ wondrous tome Anatomy in Black is a “sophisticated coffee table book for anatomy lovers,” which is to say it had my attention immediately. The book is a comprehensive anatomy text crafted in black and gold — it’s hard-bound, and features a built-in ribbon which the reader may use as a bookmark… or as a necklace after practicing some of the anatomical lessons within.

Anatomy in Black

Unlike a mere picture book, Anatomy In Black is deliciously informative and medically accurate: each of the seven chapters is devoted to an area of the body and more than 250 illustrations, painstakingly rendered by Evans in stylized black and gold, depict the human head and neck, upper limb, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, and lower limb. If your interest in anatomy was piqued with recent releases like Joanna Ebenstein and the Morbid Anatomy Museum’s The Anatomical Venus: Wax, God, Death & the Ecstatic or Richard Barnett’s The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration, Anatomy In Black is a no-nonsense godsend: detailed, descriptive, and overwhelmingly gorgeous, it’s sure to be a conversation-starter — or -ender — at your next dinner party.

Anatomy in Black contains precise anatomical content. I wanted it to have the same level of content that I teach my medical students in the dissection room at Cambridge University. All of the information and attention to detail comes from 14 years of teaching anatomy alongside illustrating high profile anatomy textbooks. Anatomy shouldn’t be intimidating nor should it be difficult to learn. I want people to be drawn to the book that aren’t just academics. Anatomy in Black bridges the gap between academic text and pop culture.” — Emily Evans, in an interview for Street Anatomy

Anatomy in Black

Emily Evans holds a degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology and has been a freelance medical illustrator for over a decade. In addition to teaching dissection and anatomy at Cambridge University, she blurs the line between art and science through her online store Anatomy Boutique, which she launched in 2013. Perusing Anatomy Boutique is a joy: a dinnerware collection inspired by histology, wallpaper and cushion designs depicting the cardiac system, and a “range of leather goods … debossed with the pattern of human skin” entice and enthrall — but we’re wandering a bit into the woods, here, aren’t we? Back to the matter at hand, pun intended.

Anatomy In Black is a unique book for anatomists, artists, and darklings alike. The human body is here both demystified and made magical through sparkling gold and scrying-mirror black, the tome dashingly contemporary and yet eager to acquire the dust and fingerprints of a beloved heirloom. We think you’ll keep this one around for a long time.

Purchase Anatomy in Black, follow Emily Evans on Twitter, browse the treasures at the Anatomy Boutique, and see more of Evans’ illustrations via her online portfolio.

Anatomy in Black