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Plant Magic Made With Love & Ceremony: Sister Spinster


Imbuing bouquets with symbolism and meaning, and encouraging self-care and empowerment through wild blooms and floral abundance, Liz Migliorelli of Sister Spinster is a is a western herbalist and magic maker whose work with flowers and their essences has been compared to poetry—haiku, in particular—”distillations of experience into pure and simple elements, intimate observations that become the crystallized hearts of wild and natural things.”



Migliorelli believes in affordable, accessible, community-based health care and the healing power of plants, and came to the herbal path through her own healing crisis as well as a frustration with the loss of ancestral wisdom and privatization of health care in the United States.

Disenchanted by sterile doctor’s offices, she believes in the healing that comes from our own gardens, the local land and our kitchens. She is devoted to encouraging others to find empowerment through self-care and harm reduction, to find healing in a cup of fir tip and strawberry leaf tea, and to find magic in the simple practices that connect us to the Earth. “We are not separate from the earth,” says Liz. “We are in constant relationship with the plants. Honor that. Always come back to the plants.”



Liz’s work as Sister Spinster Apothecary is manifold: she creates and sells flower essences, elixirs and scents, teaches classes and workshops (including: “Winter Wellness”,  “Botanical Beauty,” and “Spice Rack Remedies” among others currently), and provides herbal consultations for various health problems, whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or energetic.



Among her vibrational remedies, one will find find mystical sounding potions consisting of various floral essences and corresponding gems in a base of wild-harvested rose and honey infused brandy that reminds you of similar honey-infused tinctures from GoldBee; formulas to strengthen the third eye, for connecting to abundant and divine nourishment, and certainly, for crossing into the wild and dancing with the unknown.

If you’d prefer not to ingest your flower magics, there are fascinating options for which to scent your person with them at Sister Spinster. Mignorelli offers a unisex collection of essences and essential oils–Spirit Scents— which are olfactory and energetic interpretations of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.  From this collection you can choose from such archetypes transmogrified into fragrance as The Lovers, The High Priestess, or The Wheel of Fortune, all of which are created to inspire healing and transformation that engages the body in both subtle and profound ways.

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