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Stacked Alert: Witches Sluts Feminists


I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of the upcoming Witches Sluts Feminists book by Kristen J. Sollee, founder of, and I cannot recommend to everyone to pre-order this enough.

I’m currently only about three chapters in, but thus far, it’s fantastically written, fully informative, and I’ve already had multiple moments of going “YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT!”, out loud in my bed (the cats were none too pleased at these outbursts).

From the press release:

Witch, Slut, Feminist: these contested identities are informing millennial women as they counter a tortuous history of misogyny with empowerment. This innovative primer highlights sexual liberation as it traces the lineage of “witch feminism.” Juxtaposing scholarly research on the demonization of women and female sexuality that has continued since the witch hunts of the early modern era with pop occulture analyses and interviews with activists, artists, scholars, and practitioners of witchcraft, this book greatly enriches our current conversations about reproductive rights, sexual pleasure, queer identity, pornography, sex work, and more.

While I don’t consider myself a millennial – I’m turning 36 in a few weeks – I do subscribe to the subculture of the excellently deemed “occulture”, and, as I’m sure many of you, and consider myself a feminist, so this is obviously a must read.

I’ll be including this in our Stacked monthly feature once I’ve completed it, but this should be at the top of everyone’s summer reading list. Perhaps we should do a Haute Macabre book club?

Witch Slut Feminist releases June 13, and you may preorder on Amazon or directly from Slutist for a signed copy.

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