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The Imaginative Olfactive Magics of Solstice Scents + A Giveaway!

Scrying Smoke 5ml

My obsession with scented magics started early in life. If my mother were still around, I’d remind her of the times I used to sneak into her bedroom while she was elsewhere in the house. Slinking over to her vanity, I would fondle the fragrance bottles within reach of my stubby little arms, spritzing and spraying and splashing with abandon, and believing that somehow she wouldn’t notice when I’d appear at the dinner table in a sort of ecstatic trance, preceded by an intense miasma of assorted fragrances. Whether it was her cut-glass flacon of Chanel, or an opaque plastic bottle of something from Avon, each one of these perfumes was, for me, a portal to a special place, or beloved story, or the catalyst for an epic daydream. And at that age, I was already well on my way to reaching pro-daydreamer status.

Fragrance has the ability to transport us to another place or time, be it a memory, a wish for the future, or even a dream. It conjures phantom loves and losses, those whom we adored and those we mourn. It intoxicates, bewitches and holds our admirers rapt, enthralled. It allows us to slip into the skin of that which we would wish to be–the femme fatale, the ingénue, (or, if you’re weirdly specific like me, “Morticia Addams tending a poison garden at midnight in late summer, moments before fearsome thunderstorm”).

One such creator of wildly imaginative aromatic enchantments is visionary indie perfumer Solstice Scents. Read on to learn more of this extraordinary indie perfumer as well as for the opportunity to win a sampler pack of their beautiful fragrances!

Library EDP

Night Watcher EDP

Founded in Florida in 2004, and inspired by the lush wild life and rich natural wonders of their local Gainesville area, as well as an interest in handcrafted holistic remedies, Solstice Scents originally offered scented apothecary items such as soap, lotion, salts, candles, body oil, loose hand blended incense powders, and dream pillows. Since that time, they have evolved to focus primarily on their perfumery, which is the very heart of their dream–although, occasionally, companion products such as the Burnishing Glace Mist and Whipped Soaps are available! The same spirit, inspiration and aesthetic, however, remains infused into each item, and all products are made with the same attention to detail and in small batches to ensure freshness. The labels are designed in house with the original mastic tree logo. Each fragrance is still handwritten on the product label.

Solstice Scents creates their imaginative fragrances by illustrating new worlds, abstract concepts and experiences in an olfactive format. For instance, their Foxcroft line portrays a fictional town, brought to life through scent–there is even a town Bulletin highlighting characters and events within the town which came out in tandem with seasonal releases. The very first scent was Foxcroft, which focuses on autumnal decaying leaves, and the idea was expanded upon to include various scents within the town: the drive-in theater, the ice cream parlor, the boarding school, the fall fair and many more.

We bottle atmospheres like desert thunderstorms, the forest floor, a damp fruit cellar in an old manor house, the inside of a basilica, the seasons and so on in a hyper-realistic way to transport people.


“The turtle shell is my armor, the spiderweb holds negativity in its sticky silken thread, the venom of the rattlesnake protects me and the eagle allows me to fly from danger.”

Just this past March, Solstice Scents participated in Project Talisman, a multi-perfumer endeavor in which each contributor interpreted a protective amulet style fragrance. For this project, launched on the perfume blog Cafleurebon on March 15th, Solstice Scents created Guardian: a natural unisex forest chypre with an amber core, featuring botanical elements associated with protection which are further enhanced with rowan flower essence and black tourmaline gemstone essence.

I was privileged to sample Guardian, which, though I believe is inspired by a mystical desert landscape, smells to me of dense, sacred earth, amber sunlight through a forest canopy, and  herbs best plucked from the shadows…and feels like finally coming home. I’ve never called the desert my home, so of course, your mileage may vary.



Launching in early May, Solstice Scents’ Spring Collection will again blossom, including a variety of returning perfumes from previous years as well as several new releases. One about which we have heard thrilling whispers, is After The Rain: a natural perfume in organic cane sugar alcohol featuring notes of lilac, purple wisteria, blue lotus absolute, rain, new green leaves, wild violets, soil, clary sage and more. After the Rain is “a lilac-heavy fragrance with green and petrichor top notes” and sounds both delicate and devastating for lovers of lovely spring florals.

Another extremely exciting items for those perfume collectors amongst us who have run out of room on our vanities and have resorted to corralling our collection in so many old shoeboxes: Solstice Scents now offers a handmade custom four tier perfume shelf  (and for those rabid collectors–if your collection would easily fill one unit, consider mounting two side by side!)



Two Solstice Scents that are heavily in current rotation for me right now are Monarch and Snowshoe Pass.

Monarch (red musk, fir, juniper, cedar, frankincense, labdanum, moss) is a sharp, green incense that is balanced out by rich, warm woods, and is for me, personally, is the olfactory equivalent of the golden glow that spreads through your chest after a few sips of whiskey on a winter evening.

Snowshoe Pass (white amber, white musk, vanilla accord, peppermint cream, cold winds) caught me by surprise. I often remark how, with a few exceptions, I’m not a huge fan of sweet (or minty) scents, but Snowshoe Pass is utterly lovely and so I am eating my words once again. The mint is not at all prominent, but it lends a chilly breath to this plush, pillowy scent that somehow evokes a close coziness and a light, airy atmosphere. After a few hours it fades to a soft, sweet skin scent that calls less for nibbling than it does nuzzling.

Find Solstice Scents: website // instagram // facebook // twitter

Solstice Scents has generously offered has a set of assorted sample scents to one reader!

Have you tried any of the imaginative fragrance magics from Solstice Scents? What are your favorites? What would you like to try?

To enter to win, share your thoughts in the comments, and follow Haute Macabre and Solstice Scents on Instagram!  The winner will be chosen one week from today, on Monday, May 8!

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  1. I haven’t tried any of their scents before, but i would so love to! They have any entire section devoted to foresty scents, which are my favorite. I am following both of you on instagram and crossing my fingers and toes 😉

  2. I haven’t tried any Solstice Scents yet, sticking to white musk oil and l’Heure Bleue by Guerlain, but reading this is giving me a deep urge to try. Perfume is such a mysterious and powerful thing!
    (Following both of you already!)

  3. I love Solstice Scents! Gehenna, Scrying Smoke (so meditative), Enchanted Forest (sadly discontinued), Desert Thunderstorm, High Desert, and the Wail of the Banshee soap and bath salts and my favorites. No one makes so many scents that are this evocative and intricate, and authentic. A big plus is they don’t disappear on my skin either-they last. After the Rain is going to be beautiful-I love petrichor and I know she does that note so well. Also can’t wait to try Guardian!

  4. I have not tried any scents from Solstice Scents, but they all sound divine. Black Forest and Conjure Dark sound like two I would definitely purchase. (IG: maidenmelanie)

  5. I have been wanting to try Solstice Scents for a while but just haven’t gotten around to placing an order yet. Following both accounts on Instagram (@jolie_no).

  6. The leather and lace and the Estate Vanilla EDP look like my faves! What an array! Happy to know about this company. : )

  7. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while! I actually have a long list of scents I want to try out, and I was trying to narrow it down so I could place a sample order. I definitely am curious about their Conjure (and Conjure Dark), White Fox, Edge of the Night, Manor Perfume, and many of the other vanilla and resin/incense based scents. I follow both of you on instagram (my IG: @sandstormin).

  8. I usually tend to gravitate towards fall time scents but looking through the scent catalog really makes me want to step outside my comfort zone and try some new ones. Wolf Spirit, Smokewood, Conjure, Cherry Vanilla Ambrosia, there are way too many that I want to try. 🙂

  9. Library sounds awesome to me, although many others sounds really good, too!

  10. White Fox is one I had to get in a full size. Somehow it actually smells furry! I liked every sample I got.

  11. As a lover of gourmand fragrances snowshoe pass sounds delightful and I would love to try monarch, guardian and after the rain. They all sound divine! Am now following both on Instagram and am intrigued to find out more!

  12. I have a serious love for Solstice Scents’ “Jack and the Devil” perfume oil. It turns rich and spicy on me, and if I also add a small dab of old Havana the combination of cinnamon and smoke is pure magic as far as I’m concerned

  13. i’ve never tried anything of theirs but heart of the night looks divine. i follow both, instagram is @wormtongues.

  14. Solstice Scents is my absolute favorite! The perfumes are amazing, the TAT is unheard of, and Angela is so kind. My absolute favorite scent is Riverside Hayride, but I would love to try Gibbon’s Boarding School, Guardian, Manor, and Manor Fire (that’s just a few, my wishlist has 23 scents on it!).

  15. I enjoyed your article and the description of the scents. I have become a big fan of Solstice Scents and can’t get over Foxcroft – it’s Fall in a bottle for me.

  16. Solstice Scents is on my list. Their scent combinations are intriguing and interesting. Can’t wait to place my first order!

  17. I generally frequent Bpal, and will forever adore their perfume oils, but i have been on this perpetual quest to find an EDP spray suitable to my tastes. Unfortunately, I am rather picky about my scents. A couple of months ago, I received a perfume oil sample of “Nightgown” from Solstice Scents and I loved it! So i checked out their website to do some research and found out they also sell full size EDP sprays! I was pretty estatic so I ordered my first perfume from them. Included in my order were two samples that also smell amazing. I have already fallen in love with this company and cannot wait to try their other products!

  18. I plan on trying the newest fragrance teased in the picture, After the Rain, as well as some of the more incensey ones like Conjure!

  19. i haven’t dove into solstice scents yet, but when i do, i’ll most likely try the gourmand scents first. half the time i match my scents to my mood, and the other half i pick the scent to match the mood of the day i want to have. i love that the solstice scents site is so helpful and descriptive.

  20. More often than not, I find myself overwhelmed by anxiety, panic, or chronic physical pain. My favorite ways to cope, calm, and center are through warm baths and lovely smells. The perfumes created by Solstice Scents are beyond beautiful– they can give someone unable to leave their bed the ability to close their eyes and picture they are elsewhere. From the sweet and spicy scents of Kitchen to the deep peppery of Seance, I am transported even momentarily. I would love the opportunity to add more of their creations to my self-care; I was gifted a sample vial by my sibling and it has soothed me greatly.

  21. Deep into a winter fraught with scary medical procedures and worry I escaped in dead of night to read perfume blogs and this lead me to the poetic creations of Angela St. John. These formulations can create a mood, wake you up or put you to sleep! One of my staples is White Fox; I find it very relaxing. My list of “must try” just got a little longer! I am entranced……..

  22. Oh my gosh, After the Rain sounds so good! I have yet to try Conjure or Conjure Dark, Cardamom Rose Sugar, Blackburn’s Parlor, Gray’s Cabin, Night Star, Chiffon … the problem is that I want all the things from SS.

  23. I have never tried any Solstice Scents but have read dozens of reviews on several of their perfumes. I’ve been following them on Facebook and Instagram for about a year now. I looked through their selection and love the scent combinations they offer. Rose Mallow Cream, Winter Dove, Heart of the Night, Cardamon Rose, Conjure Dark all sound gorgeous – each one has a rose note in it but with such unusual combinations. I also am intrigued with Scrying Smoke, Vanilla Pipe Tobacco, and Wolf Spirit. Those 3 sound so beautiful with incense notes.

    I’d absolutely love to win the sample set. I’ve been wanting to try their fragrances for so long now!

  24. I found Solstice Scents last Autumn, and have become addicted. Lemon Ginger Cremes is my # 1, but Sycamore Chai, Flintlock, Inquisitor, Night Watcher, Astral Temple, Outpost, Winslow’s, Monarch, Dark Ginger Spicecake, Foxcroft, Pumpkin Spice Latte, & Snowshoe Pass all have joined my fragrance collection. I’m super excited to see what new wonders I find in the Spring Collection

  25. I have yet to try any of your scents, but I’m so interested. Everything seems so lovely, from the descriptions to the packaging. I bet the scents are to die for!

  26. I’ve been waiting to place an order in anticipation of the spring release…after the rain sounds amazing!

  27. I’ve not had the chance to try Solstice Scents yet but I’ve been looking at them for so long. I want to try Foxcroft Fairgrounds. It looks like they do autumnal and your make scents and those are my go to!

  28. I love SS fragrances and I’m wearing one today, in fact! My favorites include Night Watcher, Wolf Spirit, Owl Creek Aleworks, Private Eye… you know, I could really just go on and on with them. My favorite way to experience these is to use the fragrance oils, but I own a few beloved EDPs, too. Good stuff!

  29. Thank you for this thorough primer on All Things Solstice Scents – I am deeply intrigued by their catalog! I’ve never tried anything from them before, so I’d want a cross section – Private Eye, Scrying Smoke, Tenebrous Mist, Winter Dove, and Guardian.

  30. My favorite perfume from Solstice Scents is Violet Mallow. It is such a pillowy soft, dreamy scent. I find that it is the perfect bedtime scent because it is so calming. I would love to try After the Rain! It sounds so lush evocative.

  31. I love Solstice Scents! I have samples of Owl Creek Aleworks and (the now discontinued) Cenobite and both are fantastic! I really want to try Manor, Sycamore Chai, Library, Basilica and White Fox.

  32. I’m always looking for that perfect incense scent- I would love to try scrying smoke!

  33. Smokewood Apiary is probably the one smokey scent that actually works on my skin. It smells like a honeyed incense. So gorgeous.

    I’m super excited to try Rose Mallow Cream and Violet Mallow, because I’ve read so much great stuff about both of them. I have samples of both coming in the mail 🙂

    I’m looking forward to trying Chantilly Cream when that comes out. I love mandarins.

  34. I am absolutely obsessed with Foxcroft and can’t wait to try more of their wonderfully atmospheric scents!!

  35. I’m still quite new to Solstice Scents, but I have been lucky enough to try quite a few of their offerings and have falling in love with just about all of them. My main loves right now are Library, Guardian, and Black Leather Red Lace. I, of course, have been stalking like so many others for the new releases due in a short time. From those, I had my eye on Chiffon and Blossom Jam Tea Cakes. However, after reading this article I must say… After the Rain will be making it’s wait to the ‘must try’ list. I had not heard the whispers, but I have now.

  36. I love SS and since December, have worn a different SS sample every day, changing it up depending on weather and what kind of day I want to have. Want to feel sexy and romantic – Rose Mallow Cream. Rainy day that calls for a dark beer – Owl Creek Aleworks. Sometimes I feel like the scent has the power to make my day what it should be.

  37. I’ve been buy from Solstice Scents for years!! Love her perfumes! !

  38. These look really intriguing. Regardless of winning or not I’ll give them a try next I have some funds.

  39. I’m excited to try rocky Mountain mallow as well as blossom jam tea cakes! ?

  40. I would love to try conjure dark! The scent combo sounds perfect for me!

  41. After reading this beautiful article it made me remember a quote I once read. “Sometimes a scent is more evocative than a photo or an image. It is a primer for the deflagration of sensation, emotions, desires, uncontrollable atmospheres, dejavus that flood and wrap us like honey, until they make us drown in an unrepeatable moment of wellbeing… olfactory hallucinations that lead us anywhere: to the North of any South, to the East of any West…” – Unknown (don’t remember the persons name)
    I have never tried any scents from Solstice Scents but it has always been a dream.

  42. I’d love to try everything from SS! At the top of my ever growing list are Nightgown, Cellar, and Gibbons Boarding School!

  43. I would love the opportunity to try Guardian. Being of Native American ancestry, the description really spoke to me. My culture is all about ancestral guardians, spirit guides/guardians. My spirit animal guide is a Spider. Which is ironic because I’ve never been a fan. But I’ve been embracing them, and I have at least one land on me a day. Spiders are raw feminine energy, web weavers, known as the ‘creators of the universe’ in many cultures. Anyway, sorry for the novel. I’d love to try this, and let the scent help evoke my ancestral, guardian guide. Much love! Samantha

  44. I my self fancy the deep earthy tones so I’d love to sample your lovely creations!!

  45. I’ve yet to try anything by Solstice Scents, but I’d love to. Not much of a floral person but I love lilac and petrichor – After the Rain is completely intriguing!

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