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16 Psyche

Chelsea Wolfe Hiss Spun, image by Bill Crisafi

Haute Macabre Patron Saint of Sound Chelsea Wolfe released a preview of her forthcoming album, “Hiss Spun”, this morning with the electrifying “16 Psyche”.


Named for one of the largest asteroids in the asteroid belt, “16 Psyche” starts with a melodic drone guitar, easing its way into Wolfe’s hypnotic vocals, reminiscent of the early albums of PJ Harvey. The song breaks into a powerhouse of sound, cresting on the vocals “She said, I’d save you, but I can’t”.

The full length album is out September 22 from Sargent House, and is available for pre-order now, with cover photography from Bill Crisafi. Tour dates listed at ChelseaWolfe.net