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Despite my usual aversion to all pop music, Sarah Elizabeth passed a link to Kim Boekbinder’s new music video to me this morning, Head Bitch In Charge, and I was totally mesmerized. Synchronicity reared its head with a reminder of an image of Clayton Cubitt’s I had saved yesterday on Instagram popping up in the video’s ultra-saturated fashionshow.

Boss Bitches, let’s all raise our (second, third, and fourth) cups of coffee together for this one.

H.B.I.C. Kim Boekbinder by Clayton Cubitt

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  1. LOVE! This is my new anthem for when I get depressed. Is Tess Munster in the video? I think I saw her and she looks great, they all do…own it, work with what you have and accentuate whatever it is makes you unique and happy, ignore the people who will try to tell you you’re wrong, not attractive, not intelligent and do you. Most of all support all the other HBIC’s. I discovered Haute Macabre years ago after escaping a legit cult in Texas and moving back to LA where I’d spent most of my twenties was difficult. Haute Macabre introduced me to so many great things and great people.