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Portals Of Power: KillDie’s Crystal Marys

KillDie Crystal Mary 1

If there’s anything my hallowed altar has been missing (first step, Sarah–make an altar) but if there WERE anything lacking, I can tell you right now that it’s a hollowed out blessed Virgin Mary that’s been filled with filled with delicate, rosy-hued crystals, exuding gentle energies of compassion and peace and shimmering with grace and sacred intention.

What kind of person, you might wonder, would shatter the holy virgin’s face and stuff it full of quartz? Well, that would Kyle Montgomery of KillDie.

KillDie Crystal Mary 2

“…she becomes my ultimate goddess of power and guidance vibrating at a whole new frequency,”

KillDie Crystal Mary 3

Kyle sees the this particular icon, the Virgin Mary, as a symbol of mother earth, a guide towards the future and enlightenment.  Once combined with the crystals, he shares, “…she becomes my ultimate goddess of power and guidance vibrating at a whole new frequency,” and further notes enigmatically, that while each crystal is hand picked and placed individually with intention, he would prefer that people not be privy to the full process, as he believes it will affect “what the viewer needs to see and gain from the art work.”

KillDie Collage

KillDie Taxidermy

Beyond his work with earthy, organic work with crystals and statuary, Kyle also creates collage pieces with trippy, extra-terrestrial motifs–but both, he notes, evoke  feelings of unknown powers, blind faith and a high consciousness.

Portals, power, magic–these concepts are the very essence of Kyle’s work, yes, even the taxidermy pieces consisting of sweet, sleepy looking creatures, wounds packed with more crystals. “The death of any animal transcends them back to mother earth”, he expresses, and in crystallizing them, he intends to provoke questions in the viewer. In fact, Kyle traces the pursuit of all of these themes back to life’s ultimate questions, why are we here? and what is next? As to the journey that these these questions have led him on, he simply states:

“I am here now in the moment creating art and still searching for answers.”

KillDie Crystal Mary 4

KillDie Crystal Mary 5

Some of Kyle Montgomery’s Crystal Marys can be viewed at Montreal’s C.O.A Galerie Anti + Reflet Group Exhibition on June 22nd, and he notes, there are a few other shows which are yet to be publicly announced. Be certain to follow @killdie on instagram for updates on these upcoming events, as well as for crystalline glimpses of more mystical Marys and other new works.

KillDie Crystal Mary 7jpg

KillDie Crystal Mary 8jpg

KillDie Crystal Mary 56jpg