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Seeing Stars With Mystic Medusa

Olaf Hajek for Mystic Medusa Piece

I don’t believe in much of anything, to be honest. God or Satan? Nope. The afterlife? Eh, mostly no. Human kindness and decency? The jury’s still out on that one, but I suppose can sometimes be surprised. But divining my daily life choices and long term plans via the cosmic dance of the stars and planets and the machinations of the zodiac? Oh, for sure, I am all about that!  I read my horoscope every day, you can be sure of this. And as with most things in my life, I blame my mother for this habit.

Books on astrology and celestial divination were always stacked precariously on our kitchen table when I was growing up; I can still picture my mother’s face through a haze of smoke over breakfast as I picked at my cereal, while she thoughtfully read the paper and drank her coffee, a dangerously long ash from her cigarette dangling over the cover of a Linda Goodman title on Love Signs or Venus Trines At Midnight.

Unlike my mother, I never was interested enough in the technical aspects of astrology to become an practitioner, but I have had a few favorite astrologers over the years; stargazing prophets who consistently left me dumbfounded with their sagacious observations, fantastic insight, and timely wisdom. Mystic Medusa, with her wonderful astrology blog and super on-point horoscopes, had been at the top of this list for several years, when in 2010 I purchased one of her packages and she came back at me with spookily precise predictions and revelations and corresponding advice. I’ve been a believer ever since.

How does she do it? Will Mystic Medusa spill the secrets of the cosmos? Read on for our recent interview and a special discount code for Haute Macabre readers.

Leonora Carrington for Mystic Medusa piece

Haute Macabre: I’m curious as to where your interest in astrology stems from–what events or influences led to the path you’ve chosen? What motivates you to study patterns and relationships in relation to the movement of celestial bodies? And how was Mystic Medusa borne from this? Are there any areas where you feel your work as Mystic Medusa is particularly innovative or different?

Mystic Medusa: I distinctly recall being at the local library as a child aged about eight and being WOWED by some of the books in the theology and metaphysics section – I read some particularly gruesome but sexy description of the eighth house in a book by Aleister Crowley and was just wowed. Then I began haunting book stores – mostly second hand ones and the few esoteric book stores in my city. I was indiscriminate, ploughing through The Egyptian Book Of The Dead and Malleus Mallificarum with as much enthusiasm as skeevy “Sex Signs” books. So it was instant love and without wanting to sound precious, the moment I first began looking into astrology, it felt familiar, like previous lifetime familiar. I was also obsessed with Ancient Egypt from the age of three, drawing hieroglyphics and getting upset at “mummies” in the museum, as I felt it was terribly disrespectful and magically dangerous. But my career as a burgeoning witch-astrologer was cut short when my advertisement in a newspaper (this was pre-internet) advertising “teenage witch and astrology services” or something attracted hordes of pervy men. I went into journalism – North Node in Gemini/Mercury in Aries here – instead, which I also loved. Years later an editor of mine said she wanted an astrology column and for me to write it, she was just liking my style of writing and had no idea I loved astrology – in fact, she offered to send me off to learn astrology…I was like “I KNOW IT!” So that was a turning point for sure and then it grew from that. I never cease to be amazed at how the patterns and synchronicity occur with astrology – on both micro and macro levels. That astrology works and works so effectively with such accuracy and magic is to me the definitive proof of Dark Matter/Quintessence – other sources at play in our universe. I think I am different in that my journalism background means I love writing and can riff on pop culture and contemporary themes sort of juxtapose it with magic and astrology.

Colette-Saint-Yves for Mystic Medusa piece

You’ve been wowing your readers with your horoscope’s crazy accuracy and spooky insights for a quite some now– HOW DO YOU DO IT? Okay, okay, you don’t have to give up all your secrets, but seriously, I’d love to know more about how you do what you do….do you have a particular philosophy or interest in a specific area of astrology? 

MM: Thank you! With the consults, sometimes a chart just speaks to you and you get a vibe over and above what the basic transits are telling you. Same with Horoscopes – as the Sun and Rising signs are obviously not individual, I go more with the Zeitgeist of each sign for the moment, as tapping into that gives you a major advantage even without having your own personal chart reading. It seems to work! My personal philosophy or interest in astrology varies depending on my current obsession (at the moment it is Chiron cycles and how they play out over VAST tracts of time) but I like to keep a close eye on Saturn – if you do Saturn properly, a lot of other things fall into place. I am also very Pluto sensitive and I feel that it is important not to get too caught up in “OMG freak out scenarios” but rather work out where the opportunities are and accentuate those. I think most of the people who belong to my site are Outer Planet People – that is they have Uranus, Neptune or Pluto closely aligned with their Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Mars or Venus – so they are magical pragmatists and highly individuated – they could never have been any other way and the standard tribal conventions don’t support them. Witches with Wi-Fi and a solid recognition of how lucky we are to live in this era, Caligula type politicians non-withstanding.

What’s the biggest “Whoahhh…” moment in your career? And do you ever just get it wrong?

My biggest “woahhhh” moment ? There have been so many! One I recall is this woman who was having a Mars transit through her 9th house and of course there are all sorts of ways you can interpret that – but I had this flash and I said you are literally going to meet this highly erudite soldier – like Haute Mars – and I could SEE this guy in a room that I described to her…I never heard back from her and wondered if that was a bit over the top. Then she got back to me and basically said she was a spy – which I did not know – and that she had met this special forces soldier, in a room more or less as I had seen it. But my main source of pride is providing horoscopes that are obviously not as specific but which do speak to people and augment them, adding an extra cosmic zing to their day, reminding them of when to armor their aura and when there might be strength gain from being more receptive…I don’t recall ever getting anything wrong as such although I definitely irritate some people by being too frank – I don’t like the kind of member/subscriber who tends to want to complain and maintain – their clutter, their weight, their vile lover, the job they hate, whatever – they always looking for an astral escape hatch, some transit that is going to sort everything out like a Lotto ticket and me saying something like “this is a Pluto-Mars time – you have to seize control and now, no matter where the Moon is” just annoys them. Same as if they have this long and convoluted scenario with some guy they feel is “karmic” and my advice is to fuq him off and put a line of salt across their front door, block him on the phone…So I don’t think I am wrong as such but I am definitely not for everyone.

Virgil Finlay for Mystic Medusa Piece

I’ve always loved the visuals on your blog! Can you talk about the importance of art, to your practice? I can tell it’s very important to you personally. And who are some of your favorite artists right now? Can you tell much about a person’s sign from the art they gravitate toward?

MM: Thank you! I love art & end up in some amazing conversations with art. I love the surrealists especially the female triptych of Remedios Varo, Dorothea Tanning and Leonora Carrington. Also I love classic fashion photography like Helmut Newton and vintage sci-fi art such as Virgil Finlay. One of my fave pics is this one here – artist unknown, I find it so poignant as it is from the era when persecution of pagans was rife. In terms of contemporary artists, I think Jesse Bransford is a genius, also Yvan Duque, Camille Chew, Alberto Del Pozo, James Jean – god so many. Re a person’s sign – I am not sure! It would be worth further exploration.

James Jean Moon Goddess for Mystic Medusa Piece

On a recent blog post you mentioned that it seems that most men have “a flipped the f out” reaction as it relates to women with any dimension of esoteric knowledge or interest. What do you think it is about feminine power and the supernatural that freaks them out? And on that subject, how does feminine power/feminism inform your astrology or vice versa?

MM: I think it is innate – there is an amazing book called The Alphabet vs The Goddess that talks about this – ideally logic and stoic or pragmatic thinking should exist alongside intuitive or magical thinking – I think the combination within one person or within a couple is stunning but our contemporary culture has overemphasized the one male god patriarchal science model and diminished the multi-theistic, omens are everywhere more instinct driven one. I think this is evolving though – I was thrilled to see NASA mentioning Dark Matter – the 80% at least of the universe that they literally cannot see – as Quintessence, the mysterious 5th element of the Ancient Greeks. Alchemists were into that also. I wonder sometimes if the current scenario is a hangover from when the Church persecuted the early scientists and thus they are at pains to separate ANY religious thought from their process, which is understandable. I am not sure about feminine power/feminism coming through in my astrology although I do think it is interesting that the very Christian C.S. Lewis (Narnia) referred to females as either being daughters of Eve or daughters of Lilith. I find the Madonna-Whore complex and the way it still permeates society and relationships + all the ancient goddesses fascinating. My fave book for info on all that is The Woman’s Encyclopaedia of Myths & Secrets – it is amazing. I also love the Thunder, Perfect Mind poem/hymn from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Another book – not magic but amazing – that has influenced me of late is All The Single Women by Rebecca Traister – it is a history of the rise of independent women and female economic independence and how it is changing society.

Camille Chew Waning Crescent for Mystic Medusa Piece

Some would say that trying to gain insight from the positions of the planets is anything but rational, though people have been doing it for centuries.What would you say to those folks who grumble about astrology being a “pseudo-science”, or some such?

MM: I would say read Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas – which is a super erudite and dense read on it- but honestly, I have no idea of the mechanism by which it works, I just know it does. That sounds like blind faith but it’s not. I literally have thousands of examples in which astrology has proven itself to be true. And btw, nobody has ever really done full on studies of it – so there. It’s like – for example – I have seen two bona-fide full bore ghosts in my life. I mean, unmistakable encounters that both occurred under the most strange circumstances and were undeniably real. I have seen U.F.O.s – like the classic flying saucer and had three manifestations of what I can only describe as divinity + dreams that have saved my life. I don’t have logical explanations for any of these!

Lady of the Equinox by Kris Chau for Mystic Medusa piece

For our US readers I might ask as to what sort of advice from the stars that you may have as we settle in for a long resistance against this current administration–but I suppose we must extrapolate from that any advice you have for any of our readers, anywhere, who are longing to feel energized and empowered in time of darkness and oppression?

MM: Actually, even though your current administration is not my country’s administration, it feels like it is. That’s power right? Okay for what it is worth – yes it is disturbing when the news flow seems more like a dystopian Margaret Atwood/J.G. Ballard/George Orwell novel and I personally would prefer a very different form of government, I would like to feel that this is somehow part of a grander scheme, that it is waking us up. I have never had more depth conversations with people about ideals, feminism and values than since the last American election. Also, actually, the American Eclipse on August 21 is bang on the Ascendant and Mars of the current USA president. I know that there are more dramatic predictions than this going around (some of them wishful thinking) but I actually think he is going to walk off the job in a snit, citing inability to follow through on his grand vision due to political correctness, legal crap, witches, bitches, whatever. We are in a time of rapid technological and consciousness change and I feel like there are politicians all over the place who have not caught up with it, who don’t reflect the culture of even the most average people. Some are just more garish about being out of touch than others.

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