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A Vast Palimpsest by Aaron Horkey

Aaron Horkey - A Vast Palimpsest

We’re thrilled to share the news that tomorrow the extraordinary creatives at The Vacuum are releasing an exquisite new limited edition print entitled “A Vast Palimpsest.” It’s a stunning collaboration between Vacvvm co-founder Aaron Horkey and Pressure Printing and their biggest release to date.

“This is a deluxe giclee reproduction of a pencil & gouache drawing I made in December of 2016. The production logistics and execution were masterfully executed by Brad Keech of Pressure Printing in Denver, Colorado. The print features an elaborate sculpted border embossing of twinned milkweed stalks & their respective root systems which come together at the bottom of the print to cradle a small VACVVM mark. This mark and the thin pinstripe that surrounds the image are stamped in a warm silver foil which, when combined with the sculpted framework and luxurious cotton stock, conspire to create a print with extraordinary depth, clarity & tactile allure. Put plainly – this is a piece that captivates not only the eyes but the hands as well. I’m incredibly proud of how this print turned out and I’m thrilled to offer it here as a timed edition. Thanks so much for the support & all the best.”
– ahorkey, August, 2017.

“A Vast Palimpsest” will be sold as a timed edition available for $150 on The Vacvvm for a period of 72 hours beginning Wednesday, August 30th at 2pm CST and ending Saturday, September 2nd at 2pm CST. Each high quality 11″ by 14″ print will be hand signed and numbered by Aaron Horkey and paired with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

I, for one, am nearly in tears as I pore over all the achingly beautiful details in both the drawing and its lavish border and can’t wait to see it in person.

Aaron Horkey - A Vast Palimpsest detail3

Aaron Horkey - A Vast Palimpsest detail1

Aaron Horkey - A Vast Palimpsest detail2

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