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She is Hungry


New Drag Crush: Hungry.  Hailing from Berlin (is everyone amazing in Berlin these days?), Hungry bills herself as “The original ethereal slag, descended from the heavens to make you question your sexuality and force progress upon tragic oldschool drag”. Well, at the very least I’m questioning my lack of skill with an airbrush.

Hungry’s looks are otherworldly and intense. She integrates subdermal implants and colored contacts as easily as lipstick, making herself something bionic and high-tech. Yet much of her inspiration is drawn from the natural world. The end result is skeletal structures and circuit boards, eerily lit creatures from the ocean depths consorting with killer robots. Hungry is the future, terrifying and beautiful and inhuman.

If you’re in or near Berlin, catch her artist workshop next month at MUD Studio Berlin.

Follow her on instagram  @isshehungry