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New Sponsor: Arcana Obscura

Aracana Obscura

Please welcome our newest sponsor, Arcana Obscura!

Arcana Obscura is a one-woman business, operated out of my home studio in Brooklyn, NY.
I moved to New York City in 2006 to pursue a master’s degree in art history, having studied drawing, painting, and printmaking since the mid-90s. In 2014, I discovered the art of ancient Etruscan goldsmithing and have since been almost exclusively focused on jewelry design. I approach my work from a sculptural perspective and draw deeply from my love of nature, folk art, and all things macabre. My lifelong affinity for old cemeteries and Victorian mourning jewelry are recurring themes throughout my designs, which are cast in solid sterling silver and 14k gold.

Aracana Obscura

I create the majority of my designs in wax, from which a silicone mold is made by a local company specializing in fine jewelry casting. I then have each piece of jewelry cast from this mold in either 14k gold or sterling silver. After casting, I do all the finishing: sizing, polishing, adding oxidation, or enameling.

The granulated pieces in my collection are cast not from wax but from 22k gold. The casting and finishing processes are the same, but the creation of the original from which the mold is made involves an ancient form of goldsmithing, in which I create the wire, sheet, and each tiny granule through a long, slow process of heating (annealing) and hammering (tempering). I then arrange the parts and fuse each tiny piece together using a small torch.

Aracana Obscura

Every step of the process involves a human touch, which means that every ring, necklace, and earring is an original and subtly unique work of art.
All of my packaging is 100% recycled, biodegradable, and made in the USA. I recycle and reuse metals and purchase recycled materials, and use vintage gemstones whenever I can. I am constantly striving to reduce both the environmental and human impact of my business.

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Aracana Obscura