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PSA: Haute Macabre Shop Reopens + New Items Added

The Haute Macabre Shop will be reopening on Monday, October 2, at 11AM CST. We will be offering a limited selection of our Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post collections, along with the addition of two new releases that debuted at last month’s Night Market in Salem: The Mummies of Mexico City fragrance and Burying Point Hair Gloss, and also the limited edition release of our first collaboration with Three Ravens Company, the It Wasn’t Just a Phase scented soy candle.

Haute Macabre Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Cemetery Collection: Mummies of Mexico City

The Mummies of Mexico City is our latest addition to our Cemetery Collection, inspired by my visit to the Museo de El Carmen this past June. In an underground crypt beneath a monastery school dating back to the 1600s rest twelve naturally mummified bodies. Going down the staircase leading to the crypt, the temperature begins to drop and the air shifts from the heavy heat to a dry, earthy scent. Confronted by the mummies is the sharp juxtaposition from the angelic and opulent relics of the upper levels of the museum, reminding us of our own earthy boundaries, and that we shall all return to the dust.

Mummies of Mexico City contains notes of  church incense, ornate gold, old lace, and dust. A sacred, secret scent, recalling residual whispers of incense settling into the ancient, forgotten dust.

Haute Macabre will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this fragrance to La Casa del Mestizo, a rescue foundation assisting the displaced animals after the recent devastating earthquake.

Burying Point Hair Gloss

Burying Point Hair Gloss is the accompanying hair gloss to one of our original Cemetery Collection scents, inspired by the oldest cemetery in Salem, bordered by the infamous Witch Trials memorial markers.

Damp clusters of brown patchouli, dried maple leaves, black sage, spikenard, and curled, misshapen mandrake roots scent this combination of Tahitian Moni, Camelina Oil, Argan Oil, and Karanja oil finishing shine.

Burying Point features label art by Bill Crisafi.

Haute Macabre Three Ravens Company It Wasn't Just a Phase

Our first collaborative endeavor with Three Ravens Company is our debut candle, It Wasn’t Just a Phase. Featuring label art by Jordan Barlow, inspired by the handwriting of Vlad Tepes. These hand crafted candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, and are dye free, GMO free, pesticide free, phthalate free, cruelty free and lead free. Each candle burns for approximately 50 hours, with a recommended burn time of 1-3 hours to fully imbue your environment with this scent. Each candle is encased in a glossy black tumbler with a black lid for storage and scent preservation when not lit.

It Wasn’t Just a Phase contains notes of parchment, leather, vetiver, and frankincense.

This is available in extremely quantities, so please limit your purchase to two maximum per customer.

Psychic Wave Haute Macabre tank

In addition to these new releases, the shop is also restocked with our existing items, including a quantity of our Haute Macabre tank and crop tops, designed by Courtney Riot and printed locally in New Orleans by Inferno Screen Printing. These tops will not be reprinted until Summer of 2018, and this will be your last chance until then to add them to your wardrobe.

Psychic Wave Haute Macabre tank

Please Read: A note on quantities on all items!

Other than the Three Ravens Company Candles and the garments, all of our Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post offerings will be available to pre-order for holiday fulfillment later this month, so if you are to miss out on this week’s stock, you will have another opportunity to purchase shortly.

As always, thank you for your endless support!

The Haute Macabre Shop will reopen Monday, October 2, at 11AM CST