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Abigail Larson’s Gorgeously Gothic Zodiac Illustrations

scorpio by abigail larson

Even if you’re not a believer in prediction, prognostication, and prophecy, you surely cannot deny the supernatural beauty of Abigail Larson’s gorgeously gothic zodiac illustrations to accompany Angie Banicki’s tarot-inspired October horoscopes over at Society6 today.

See below for some of our favorite imagery from this stunning series (and if that’s not the most Scorpio pose ever, I don’t know what is) and head over to society6 to see the rest of the signs of the zodiac basking in the exquisite melancholy of a shadowed autumn cemetery at dusk.

aquarius by abigail larson

virgo by abigail larson

sagittarius by abigail larson

aries by abigail larson

libra by abigail larson