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A Note From Sam Regarding Your Recent Orders

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A note from Sam regarding shipping on everyone’s recent orders:

Hello, friends! I have been working all week to fulfill everyone’s recent shop orders, and had planned on getting the last of them in the post by this Monday. Many of you have already begun to receive your parcels, and I hope that you are enjoying your new scents and wares! However, as you may know, I am unexpectedly preparing for Hurricane Nate to hit New Orleans later today. I am still unsure how impactful this storm might be, or the delays that it may cause in fulfillment and postage services.  The storm has gained strength overnight in the Gulf and is currently classified as a Category 2 Hurricane, due to make landfall near New Orleans this evening, but will hopefully pass quickly without incident. I will do my very best to keep everyone updated if there are going to be any massive delays in shipping due to power loss or street flooding. I am optimistically estimating that I will have each order en route to their recipients by the end of this coming week at the very latest.

I have received many inquiries about our next restock on our sold out items, and from those of you that weren’t able to obtain the new fragrances. Our annual holiday season pre-sale will be open shortly and will include the full range of our Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post items, which you may browse in the Haute Macabre Shop.

As always, thank you all for your endless support!


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