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Black Friday: Meet the Sponsors


Apatico is a small accessories brand based out of Seattle, WA designed and handmade by Megan Bishop.  Specializing in harnesses, crowns, headpieces, and adornments, her work is inspired by history and fantasy with an emphasis on solid design, unique & quality materials, and a flattering fit.  Custom sizing is available.  The FW2017 Collection, “Full of Secrets” is inspired by Twin Peaks and the Pacific Northwest.

As seen in Elle, Bust, Teen Vogue, and Marie Claire.

“Black Friday” sales:  20-40% off all weekend (Fri-Sun).

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Bombasine is a one-woman show selling witchy accessories and lunar day planners (to make it easy to plan your rituals and activities along with the phases of the moon!

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Cat Coven
Cat Coven is a lifestyle brand for the witches, the weirdos and the feminists. Kjersti Faret, a Brooklyn based artist, is the creatrix behind the entire operation. The shop is full of apparel, accessories and some home goods to make you feel powerful and mystical.

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Chase and Scout
Born in 2008, Chase and Scout Jewelry formed it’s roots in the antiques business and has grown with a desire to bring forth unique, covetable jewelry that holds significant meaning for each individual wearer.

Chase and Scout designer/owner Elle Green’s first job was working in antiques restoration, eventually moving on to owning an antiques store with a side business as a prop rental house for film and tv production.

“Along with buying and selling antiques, I was personally collecting antique jewelry myself. Collecting exposes you to designs that go beyond simply ‘pretty’ to the more intimate and powerful objects ascribed with an intentional use like Victorian memorial jewelry or the protective amulets of nomadic tribes.”
“In collecting, I found myself looking for pieces that didn’t exist yet and realized that I needed to bring those designs forth myself.”

Natural organics and antique design aesthetics are often a starting point. An attraction to the naturalistic forms of Art Nouveau, the dark Victorian curio, and the raw nature of primitive adornment combine to create new designs for Chase and Scout jewelry.

Using hand selected gems and reclaimed metals, Chase and Scout jewelry is inspired by both the natural, and hidden worlds. Each design allows the wearer to define their own meaning in order to create a very personal and intentional totem, talisman or amulet.

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The mystical realm of Fiendies brings you Spirit Boards, Planchettes, Crystal Grids, Pendulum Boards, Runes & Relics. All handcrafted in the arcane shadows by the mysterious duo that is Enchanted Rumors. Be sure to check out all their exciting Holiday specials available now – including a planchette ornament, special edition enamel pin & exclusive holiday bundles!

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Florid x Fauna
Taking inspiration from nature’s myriad structures and the darker side of avant garde fashion, floridxfauna was launched in 2014 by Los Angeles based designer Kristen Phillips. In her first collection, Crystal Ossuary I, rugged geometric planes of crystal give way to the organic curve of bone. A modern memento mori, a meditation on the beauty of nature, or original wearable art, the interpretation and significance of each handmade object rests with you, the wearer.

Since Crystal Ossuary’s initial release, limited edition designs and colorways have been added to the collection. Each piece is made to order and cast in eco-resin, a more environmentally friendly, bio-based alternative to traditional petroleum based resins. In addition to jewelry design, Kristen also creates one of a kind sculptures and original limited edition masks, and works as a sculptor, fabricator, and model builder for film and television.

Use code “hautefauna” for 15% off your entire order Friday 11/24 through Monday 11/27 at or at

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For Strange Women Perfume
We seek to create a mindful sensory ritual that allows a connection to nature through its true essences.
We feel that natural perfume is genderless and that the scent signature of our skin should be complemented, not hidden.
We believe perfume should be worn as a personal indulgence and source of inspiration.
And we know that botanical essences in just the right arrangement can transport the wearer to another time and place.
This perfume is designed to create an experience that is beyond sensory aesthetics, conjuring memories from natural landscapes, objects, and atmospheres remembered deep within the subconscious.
Love, Jill, Tara, & Ash

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Luna Apotheca
Luna Apotheca’s focus is to make special small batch, hand-poured, bathing and beauty ritual products, to give strength to your daily rites, while striving to accumulate and use the most natural ingredients I can find.

It is my dream to infuse the every day with a little bit of magic and mystery. Every essential oil, herb, salt, and ingredient is chosen not purely for scent and nourishment of skin but also because of my interest in alchemy, esoteric studies, and the moon.

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Moon of Retribvtion
Subversively occult and occultly subversive patches, pins, poems and more drawn, written, and designed by a Canadian witch in France.

Caroline is a queer witch and literature Ph.D candidate writing on time, gender, and the occult in American literature. Their research informs my art, poetry, and zines.

Their art and writing for Moon Of Retribvtion focusses on time, torture, trauma, queerness, mental health, the occult, and anti-fascism.

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Pollux & Key
Pollux & Key specializes in naturally bewitching apothecary products and handmade goods. Everything they offer is vegan and cruelty-free, handcrafted in small batches, and made with only all-natural ingredients and pure plant botanicals. Started because of a desire to share a clean and cruelty-free lifestyle with others, Pollux & Key continues to seek out the highest quality organic ingredients to craft their products.

Pollux & Key is family-owned and run by a third-generation witch—Audrey, her husband, their two daughters, and their cats.

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The Artwork of Yosiell Lorenzo
As a young child in the New England area, Yosiell was surrounded with authentic Victorian architecture, old colonial haunted houses, and the stories of Salem witches. His work draws inspiration from these early influences, reflecting the darker elements of the human condition and the mysteries of the supernatural world. Yosiell’s shop is an extension of this, a place where he translates his art into tote bags, prints, divination tools, and other esoteric goods.

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The Pretty Cult
The Pretty Cult was founded in 2012 by Arielle Salsa. All designs and creations manifest within the Haus of Cult studio located in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from powerful women, music, and all things transmundane; The Pretty Cult blurs the line between fashion and the Rock & Roll lifestyle.

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Toilworn creates sentimental and memento mori statement jewellery combining natural world and other-worldly imagery. Established and solely operated by Thea Schultheiss, all the works are created in her home studio, carved by hand and finished with traditional methods. Each piece is made with devotion and intention; to adorn the owner as striking daily protective wear.

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Uneven was born out of a desire for difference, originality and quality. Latex, textiles, leather and sterling silver meet to offer basics with a twist and bold pieces to please any souls, dark or colorful, that choose to go off the beaten path. Every collection is a new story to tell, a new universe to explore.

Away from mass production, Uneven is a one woman operation driven by transparency and independence. Everything out of the workshop was made with care with a special attention to details. Everything is design and made in Quebec, Canada.

Ann-So is graduated from fashion design and jewellery making. She aims to create original and timeless clothing, accessories and jewelry by mastering different techniques and material.

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Urban Body Jewelry
Urban Body Jewelry is a leading supplier of body jewelry online. We have a huge selection of plugs, tapers,ear stretching kits, nipple rings, nose rings, septum clickers, belly rings, lip rings with styles and sizes for everyone.

Over 3,000 products to shop from. Free shipping on all domestic orders over $20.
10% off your order at with code: MAC10

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Wormwood & RueWormwoodRue

Wormwood & Rue
Wormwood & Rue is a small pin company located in NYC, inspired by the eternal wonders of nature, mythology, folklore and all that thrives within dark forests.

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