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Crimson Peak Screen Print And Giveaway From Sara Deck

SDeck - Crimson Peak

Inspired by the Gothic story line, beautiful architecture, and show-stopping costuming work of Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak, artist Sara Deck (previously featured on Haute Macabre) shares with us today her newest work, an exquisitely evocative poster that has utterly haunted our hearts and imaginations.

Featuring the ghost of Edith Cushing’s mother, taken from young Edith by the black cholera, she appears to us now as a macabre vision of benevolence, draped in darkness and diaphanous veils, flocked by fluttering moth wings, and eerily awash in the bloody reds of a love most monstrous. This marvelous poster art is now available for pre-sale on Sara’s site as a limited edition 24″x 36″ four color screen print.

…and we are thrilled to announce Sara has generously partnered with Haute Macabre for a giveaway of this stunning Crimson Peak poster art! Leave a comment on this very post to be entered to win a copy of your own, and a winner will be chosen one week from today.*



Find Sara Deck: Website // Shop // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

*Giveaway only open to readers in North America. Winner will receive a screen print once the poster has successfully gone to print

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  1. Crimson Peak is the best of art- inspiring artists in a dark and delicious infinity loop. Sara Deck’s gorgeous poster is an extra special example.

  2. This is a great poster, my favorite for this movie. And it introduced me to this cool site I didn’t know about.

  3. I loved this print as soon as I saw you post it! You did a fantastic job capturing the feel of the story. The details are just wonderful. 🙂

  4. OMG, one of my all time favorite movies. Would love to have a print of the Mother Ghost. <3 <3 <3 (What a beautiful blood red color, i must add.)

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