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Morph Knitwear Fall/Winter 2017 Collection


There’s something I read over at Vogue a few years ago that resonated tremendously with me, with regard to knitted garments : “a good knit is… classic, beautiful, eternal, and never quite lets on exactly how old it is.” Well-spun knitwear is forever.

I have always truly gotten a sense of this timelessness and intimate attachment in Angela Thornton’s Morph Knitwear designs. All of her pieces are intensely personal endeavors which meld artistry and utilitarianism, resulting in handmade garments that challenge the traditional perception of knitwear, while retaining classic virtues of durability and timeless elegance.  Morph Knitwear’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection is now available and is a splendid testament to those sturdy textures, cozy silhouettes, and ageless appeal that are the hallmark of her knits.

Angela shared with Haute Macabre that this current collection grew organically out of her F/W 16 collection, Seafaring Wanderer, and the inspiration is much the same – traditional European and British Isles working wear, with much the focused inspiration coming from traditional Aran and Guernsey knitting patterns (each of which is fascinating and unique to family and place, though they all follow a generally similar pattern and method of construction). All of the sweaters in this collection are actually knit by hand with two knitting needles, which, Angela notes, “…felt right to do when using the traditional fisherman’s sweater as a lodestar.”

I wanted to evoke a classic, utilitarian, but still delicate and lustrous feeling with this collection.

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