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The Witch Wave Podcast With Pam Grossman


I am admittedly late to the love of podcasts, and to date, I am only regularly listening to a grand total of one.  Which makes scholar and mystic Pam Grossman’s The Witch Wave officially, the second podcast I have become obsessed with and quite possibly cannot live without.

This witchy fabulist is no stranger to the adoration and fascination we have with her here at Haute Macabre (btw, have you picked up her enchantingly adorable Witch Emojis yet?) and so it is no surprise when Pam introduces yet another esoteric, fantastical project to the world.


A podcast where “art is magic, magic is real, and reality is stranger than dreams,” The Witch Wave explores and celebrates the idea that creativity, art, and magic is all in deep, delicious relationship with each other.

The intention of the show is to engage in insightful and intriguing conversations about the relationship between magic and creativity with today’s leading visionaries. Some of her guests are witches–literal practitioners, or perhaps those who simply identify with the archetype or the energy of the witch in their own lives. Guests also include artists, writers, scholars and other luminaries who somehow incorporate magic or the concept of magic into their work. “I want people of all experience levels to feel like welcome listeners,  from full-on believers to artists to people with a passing curiosity in the supernatural overall. ”

“It’s a sonic coven of a sort…a space where weirdos are welcome, the imagination is ignited, and magic reigns supreme.”

Bri Luna Witch Wave

Kriston Solee Witch Wave

Episode One features features Bri Luna, the founder and creative director of The Hoodwitch. Pam and Bri discuss digital mysticism, the magic of beauty rituals, and what it’s like to be a witch of color.

In Episode Two, Pam visits with Kristen Sollée, author of Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive, and Editrix of Slutist, wherein they talk sex magick, witchcraft activism, and why the witch is a feminist icon.

…  upcoming guests include:
Shannon Taggart, spirit photographer
Dia Dynasty, witchly dominatrix
Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing & Tarot
Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of Witchcraft

And stay tuned for more! After all, as Pam assures us in the thrilling intro to each episode of The Witch Wave…

“The world is filled with bewitching people…and you might be one, too!”

Find The Witch Wave: Website // Instagram

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  1. Lord and Lady! I’m so excited to hear about this new podcast! Thanks for sharing this. I’m positively giddy with excitement. Ya’ll post the best stuff. <3