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Vida Artist Partnership


Void Skeleton Wrap from Corviid, $120 is something like an upmarket Cafepress. The new online service allows artists and creators to upload their designs and have them printed onto pre-made products. However,  the available products are much more interesting than the usual T-shirts, hoodies and coffee mugs. Options include wraps and scarves, leather goods, pillows and candles, jewelry, wall hangings and tapestries-  The artists get a percentage of the profits, and the company does everything else, from production to shipping. So far there aren’t a ton of my favorite artists artists represented, but Corviid is up and running, which is how I found the site in the first place. I also found a few other fun things while I was poking around. If you’re an artist, let us know if you set up shop!


Baphomet Throw Pillow,$30   Sigil Grasshopper Tapestry, $55 (both Corviid)


Death Moth Scarf by Kristin Arsenault, $40

BloodMilk Banner