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New Sponsor: Birds N Bones Jewelry


Please welcome our newest sponsor, Birds n Bones Jewelry

The newest released Oceanic Collection by Bones N Birds Jewelry takes inspiration from the depths of the sea. We use castings of urchin spikes, seahorse tails, crab claws, and other underwater creatures to capture the dark beauty of one of the most mystery filled aspects on Earth- the ocean.
Inspired by mythological Sea Sirens, we wanted this lookbook to feel dangerous, enticing, and seductive.

In Greek Mythology, sirens were dangerous creatures that lured sailors to the rocky coastal shores of the islands they inhabited with their incredibly beautiful voices and songs. The word siren is derived from the words seira and eiro, which mean, “rope or cord” and “to tie, join, or fasten”. Eventually this came to mean one who binds or entangles, specifically through their beautiful song.


When styling for this shoot, we knew we didn’t want to go beach boho, but instead wanted to go dark, alluring, and ensnaring. We chose three amazing muses to morph into sea sirens via the makeup magic by Alise Carter and braided artistry by Morgan Roberts. The set was designed and executed by Alli Schreck of Bramble Floral Design to create a fern filled lair for the sirens. We did a nod to the nautical with the wardrobe by using knitwear (Morph Knitwear + Piper Dalton Designs) and fishnets, again keeping with the idea of entangling and trapping prey. All of this beauty was capture by Aubrey Janelle Photography.

Muses: Neal Haley, Heather E. Castro, and Rebby Foster


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