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Fatally Yours


I never cared about Valentine’s Day before Vegan Treats Fatally Yours candy box came into my life, but now I look forward to the holiday every year!

Vegan Treats offers two different styles: The Fatally Yours for all you black hearts out there, and the My Vegan Valentine for the pastel goth in your life. Both versions have a standard and deluxe option, and are all 100% Vegan As F#ck (and 100% delicious!).


These 100% vegan gift boxes are available now to pre-order via VeganTreats.com, with an estimated ship date of February 7! You may also enter to WIN a gift box of your very own on Instagram!

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3 Comment

  1. Yeah, ok, so, been there and tried that…all hype.
    VT amounts to a whole lot of style over substance. Speaking of which, Ed Hardy called, he wants his style back.

    The food needs to come first, not the box.


  2. I have to agree, if you look past the box they are quite average. I’d rather spend money on tasty treats not cute boxes.

  3. Sorry but I found these to be totally overpriced for the amount of product you get as well as average in the taste department.