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Drag Me To Hell (A Very Special How To Wear)

Drag Me To Hell I

AKA How To Wear A Vindictive Feeling About An Unsolicited Internet Comment Wherein Someone Advised Me That I Need Jesus.

I had a whole thing written out about a stupid situation that happened last week, but you know what? Internet commenters aren’t worth it! I deleted the whole thing and cackled madly, all the while. Instead, I am suggesting a duo of ensembles to wear to your next church picnic or Sunday school class, and I am linking to several purveyors of diabolical dress* and unholy accoutrements** so we can all throw money at these wicked vendors***, out of solidarity and spite.

Set One Details:

Tryals maxi dress from Killstar
Ann Demeulemeester floor length hoodie
Shein crochet lace harness bralette
Man’s Ruin thong from Heretical Sexts
Raven hair slide from Lunation Leathers
Zana Bayne choker
Orb Of Light palette from Black Moon Cosmetics
bloodmilk The Eternal Weaver: Onyx Spider Ring
† DOOM two finger ring from AMictlan
† Satanic Temple Logo Ring designed and hand made by Kate Hockstein of Arcana Obscura
Alaïa high heel ankle boots
We Are the Weirdos Tote Bag from Abigail Larson
Witch Dance from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (this is an LE, but if you are looking for something from their general catalog, try Sacred Whore Of Babylon)

Drag Me To Hell II

Set Two Details:

Alice crop top from Maude Nibelungen
Shea belt from TEO + NG
Givenchy sheer maxi skirt
Le Mystere Ultimate Plunge Bra
Phoebe knickers from Hopeless Lingerie
Gucci Gloves With Pearls
Saint Laurent Anja lace-up ankle boots
bloodmilk The Time Traveler: Mourning Beads
Allison Bartline Abraxas necklace
Spiderweb Ring with black sapphire from black dust jewellry
Aesa Aquamarine Hex Ring
The Frog ring from Paula Hagerskans
Mini pentagram bag from Zana Bayne
Kat Von D Sinner Eau de Parfum
† Ofra X Nikkie Tutorials Glazed Donut highlighter

*, **, and ***: yes, I realize not everything included in these ensembles falls under the umbrella of “diabolical”, “unholy”, or “wicked”.  Maybe none of it does! As always, it’s a matter of perception, preference, and personal opinion. 


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5 Comment

  1. I love these two concept outfit sets so much!

    Also, I feel like I have been subjected to more Christian faith based propaganda lately; sign of the times? Or is that just me?

  2. You’re a boss bad ass bitch, haute macabre, and my friend Clint are two of the biggest influences in how I was able to incorporate goth into my style at thirty five vs 14. I love y’all.

  3. People should not be shoving their fairytale beliefs down strangers throats. Mind your own business! Jesus doesn’t want you to be a troll!
    ALSO – I want that Tryals dress, and ESPECIALLY that pentagram bag…
    I have an Arcana Obscura ring on it’s way to me right now!