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Haute Macabre Staff Favorites For 2017: Erin’s Picks

Like so many of us, my 2017 will in many ways be defined by resistance, politics, and and the raving madness of the world around us. In some ways I am thankful for this, because I finally got off my ass and quit being an armchair activist. I finally got out in the streets and did things, picked up phones and called people, and felt the joy of coming together with other like-minded people and loudly pronouncing the truth. I worked hard at growing my understanding and support of other people’s struggles, at learning to listen, and at learning when to speak.



Yet, in the midst of the chaos, my personal world was growing and evolving in amazing ways.  My ongoing journey with the love of my life took several huge steps-  first, we got engaged.  Then we bought a house together and moved across the country.  So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t been around Haute Macabre as much as some years, I’ve been really, really busy.


BUT, I did manage to make it out the Salem Night Market with the crew to meet all the lovelies I hadn’t met before and spend some quality time with Sam.




I think because of the current state of the world, this year I went hard into dystopian fiction. From classics like Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake to fairly new books like the Southern Reach trilogy, I couldn’t seem to get enough of the end of the world. Standouts for me included One Second After, The Water Knife, and American War.




These days I find it maddeningly rare to hear a song and truly fall in love. It seems like when I was younger, it happened all the time. This year, it happened exactly once.  But it was worth the wait.


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The truth is, I’m mostly on Instagram for #goatsincoats and @JuniperFoxx, although I have developed a mad girl crush on @Jacqthestripper.



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