Post Mortem: January 2018 | Haute Macabre

Post Mortem: January 2018

We present the first offerings from Haute Macabre in the new year, and cannot wait for everything we have upcoming for the new year!

Exploring the Daydream Spaces of Scott Radke

What Whisper A Needle Makes: The Creations of Elsa Olssen/Fevernest

Death: A Graveside Companion

Sam’s Semi-Annual Closet Cleanout

Dr. Bloodsucker: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love My Pet Leech

Seven Sisters of Inherited Sun: Dilara Findikoglu SS18

How To Wear: Hushed And Haunted Embroidery

Ludi Naturae: Iris van Herpen Spring 2018 Couture

Lvnea Limited Edition Amatory Box Set

Lost in The White Lodge: Twin Peaks The Return and the Artwork of Greg Ruth

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