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The Haunted Menagerie At The Creeping Museum

Haunted Menagerie bookplates

The Creeping Museum (featured previously at Haute Macabre) is the labor of love conceived between two friends in North Portland, whose mission is to help artists and independent creators give back to their communities by turning their strange and unusual work into tiny pieces of affordable art, for which to support wonderfully worthy causes.

Their newest project, The Haunted Menagerie: A Celebration of Spirit Familiars and Ghostly Pets, is one which will undoubtedly resonate with so many of us on an intensely heart-deep level…I mean who doesn’t have the ghost of a beloved furry companion that still haunts their dreams and memories? Is there one among us who does not, to this very day, see from the corner of their eye a shadow of their long-gone cat’s tail flickering against the wall, or the familiar phantom of your departed pupper’s sweet, shaggy head peeking around a corner?

3.5"x4" Post Card Template

3.5"x4" Post Card Template

Last week our friends at The Creeping Museum presented an opening celebration at their Little Free Library for The Haunted Menagerie: A Celebration of Spirit Familiars and Ghostly Pets, which included include a miniature group show featuring original artwork as well as an artist bookplate “exhibition.” About this project, co-founder Alyssa Glass shares that the project has been in the works in one form or another since late 2016,  and that”…in these troubled times it felt especially appropriate to move forward with a theme that felt universal, that (just about) anyone could relate to.”

” I also wanted to incorporate a message of death positivity: we knowingly enter into these intense yet fleeting relationships with these creatures that inevitably end in loss and heartbreak.”

Ghostly Barroos

The bookplate collection will benefit the Portland Audubon Society and includes art by the following artists: Layla Sullivan, Amy Earles, Benjamin Dewey, Marybel Martin, Becky Munich, Pantovola, Christa Dippel, Canvas Menagerie, Hidden Velvet (featured previously on Haute Macabre), Alex Reisfar.

The group show in the miniature gallery includes original art by the following artists: Dena SeiferlingDarla JacksonStephanie BuscemaJenny FontanaDiane Irvine ArmitageJoe VollanGretchen Lewis; the proceeds from the sale of each piece will go to the nonprofit of the artist’s choice.

Haunted Menagerie memento vivere

At 12noon (PST) today, there will be all manner of additional Haunted Menagerie products and special collaborations–all benefitting the nonprofit of the artist’s choice–available in The Creeping Museum shop… and we have some wonderful sneak peeks of these enchanting items for you below!

-Ex Libris: A Bookplate collection
– An enamel “memento vivere” charm/amulet inspired by Victorian memento mori jewelry and the Black Rabbit of Inlé, messenger of death in the world of Watership Down, designed by Alyssa Glass
– “Snake Charm Scissors” for spells or crafting
– A “Creature Comfort” pet mourning ritual kit created by The Dark Exact
– A custom candle created by Lisa Ciccarello of It Will Be Known To Us and A Dark House (and author of At Night, featured in the bloodmilk book club), featuring notes of birch sap, sweet lavender, and woody herbs.
– An “Eternal Companion” pet mourning planchette by Fiendies, is a tribute to the unbreakable bond between us and our beloved pets. (PRE-ORDER)
A ghost kitty scarf by Caley Hicks (PRE-ORDER)
A one-off Ghostly Guardian pendant by Laurel Witting
A Glass Owl necklace by The Chalk Garden

Haunted Menagerie candle

Creature Comfort Ritual

Haunted Menagerie planchette

Haunted Menagerie scissors

Find The Creeping Museum: website // instagram



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