BloodMilk: Ritual Strands Release Today | Haute Macabre

BloodMilk: Ritual Strands Release Today

Today at 3PM EST, BloodMilk Jewels will be adding new ritual strands and mourning beads to the collection: in addition to new designs, The Black Phoenix and the reimagined Midnight Rattlesnake, previously available strands will be now be crafted in moonstone and labradorite beads.

You may also find an new miniature version of the Sword series, including the Two of Swords earrings, Ace of Swords necklace, and the Suit of Swords necklace, in the new updated sword design.

This update will also be your last chance to obtain the original Lily Dale pieces, including the Medium hands in its original larger incarnations. These pieces will be permanently retired today, March 9, 2018 at 11:59PM.