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Macabre Muse: Arran Shurvinton

The first time I encountered the wondrous creature that is Arran Shurvinton I was transfixed, but I had no idea who they were. Like many people, I’d simply found a viral video of someone wearing fantastic Nosferatu makeup and prosthetics, dressed in a shiny gold halter top and frilly ivory bloomers, dancing in a vintage clothing shop:


That all-too-brief taste left me wanting so much more. I had to know who this magical person was and what else they’d done. Sadly, the video I’d found was posted on Facebook without any sort of context. I traced it back to YouTube, but the mesmerizing dancer was unidentified there as well and reverse image searches turned up nothing useful (*shakes fist at the careless online masses*).

However when I shared it on The Spoodoir and then on Instagram (because I had to make sure others got to experience this sassy Nosferatu too), lovely Darla Teagarden identified the cheeky vampire as Shurvinton. Huzzah!

From the moment I first set eyes on Shurvinton’s Instagram account, followed by their YouTube channel, the world felt like a slightly better and certainly more magical place, and I felt a little more at home in my own skin.

Arran Shurvinton is a Brighton, England-based performer, “loveable monster maker and creepy creature impersonator. Spooky strutter and costume conjuror,” who brings Nosferatu to life in a whole new, entirely fabulous, and delightfully playful way. As soon as I found the source of that first video, I then found this performance of Nosferatu doing its favorite thing, calling its beloved on the telephone:

“In a final bid to reconcile with love interest Greta Schröder (Ellen Hutter) Nosferatu invests in modern technology to span time and space, the consequences are… upsetting.”

In addition to calling and serenading its lady love, Nosferatu also loves to play with unattended cameras:

I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that I now need to travel to Brighton simply to experience Noss Noss in person. It needs to happen. It’s going to happen. And I’ll be sure to tell you all about it once it does.

“Nosferatu is the name, tragic humour is the game!”

Find Arran Shurvinton (and Noss Noss): Instagram // YouTube // Facebook // Twitter