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New Sponsor: Mystic Medusa

Please welcome our newest sponsor: Mystic Medusa

Awesome astrology blog with super on point horoscopes, an amazingly accurate online Oracle, year ahead astrological scheduler and 12 Card Instant Tarot Read. Influences include; Minimalism, Anti-Fragile, Esther Harding/Jung, the Schumann Resonance/Solfreggio Frequency, Geomancy/Feng Shui, JG Ballard, Reishi, Dark Matter, Chaos Magic, Ancient Roman & Norse mythology, Hare/Trickster. Zeitgeist Compliant.

Mystic Medusa delivers frighteningly accurate horoscopes, chart reads, and tarot scopes on a daily basis, along with a fantastic blog. I’ve personally renewed my membership multiple times, along with receiving an intensely spot on Astro Passages forecast report for 2018 (I keep a digital copy in my phone and a printed in my daily planner for constant reference). I honestly couldn’t recommend this astro-site more, one of the few blogs I still visit on a regular basis & where I routinely and religiously read my astro-insights. You may read an in-depth interview by our very own Sarah Ghoul with the Mystic herself  here on Haute Macabre.

Visit the Mystic Medusa blog & subscribe for full access to the site : horoscopes + astro scheduler / oracle answers / tarot pulls 

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Use code “pluto” for 15% off the Mystic Medusa Shop

images via Olaf Hajek & Leonora Carrington

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