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How To Wear The Vernal Equinox

I’ll admit, I never had much of an appreciation for spring until I moved to New Jersey in 2004. Until that time, I had spent the last twenty years in the semi-tropics and spring was, at best, laughable. There were no gusty lions or meek lambs and April showers most certainly did not lead to May flowers. It was only the paralyzing heat on asphalt as soon as February passed. and the same line of palm trees as far as the eye could see, stretching to the horizon and beyond. Palm trees and heat death forever. The end.

In New Jersey, however, there was actual winter. With snow and ice and cold and itchy sweaters and people always stealing your parking spot that you spent at least an hour digging for your own damn self, and angst, oh the angst, of those miserable, eternal Februaries. I grew to dread the oncoming autumn, because I knew it heralded 3-4+ months of pure, unadulterated, shivering wretchedness.

But spring, oh my–spring! Spring became a wonderful time for me, brimming and bursting with surprising magics. Such little things, I suppose…but things, having grown up in the south, that I didn’t even know to look for– or expect. Each afternoon when I arrived home from work there would be something new blooming in the yard, budding and blossoming in the trees. Baby bunnies,  hopping willy-nilly across my path during morning walks! The coolest, most lovely breeze swishing and swirling through the house on an early April morning (the same morning, where, down south, the AC would probably already be running full blast). Awash in the glow of springtime aurora, my northern home then became a verdant wonderland, and for a time, I didn’t hate everything.

And thus began my infatuation with spring! And what to wear during this time of birth and renewal and the disappearance of winter’s ghostly remains? Well, even though I now live again in the swamps of Florida, I still take my cue from celebrated haiku master Matsuo Basho:

From all these trees –
in salads, soups, everywhere –
cherry blossoms fall

See below for a few ensembles showcasing riotous blooms and delicate blossoms, and yes–even color, bright explosions of it—nestled against and amongst a lovely sea of inky black, because let’s be real here. Also, folks often accuse me of putting together these little sets and including things I would never wear in a million years and I suppose they are either suggesting that my body type doesn’t fit their idea of who should be wearing such things (v. rude), or because they are assuming I can’t afford a 5K frock (you’re right about that, I guess.) The last ensemble I have put together is something I would and do wear, for I do indeed own most of it (or items very similar!)

The Vampire’s Wife Liberty Cotton Festival Dress // Alexander McQueen box bag // Domino Appliqué Elma Lingerie // Isabel Marant Adenn leather ankle boots // Stephen Webster Fly By Night’ Crystal Haze Ring // Simone Rocha Crystal earrings // Digby & Iona Dat Rosa Signet ring // Cathy Waterman Women’s White Diamond Hexagonal-Face Ring // Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer: Solaris // Flowerhead Eau de Parfum by Byredo

Loewe X Paulas Ibiza floral-print crepe blouse //Top Shop Zip Through Mini Skirt // Samantha Change all lace bralette // Samantha Chang all lace brief // Arlette Ess Giant Silk Moth Velvet Clutch // Rochas mary jane ballerinas Bebaroque embroidered tights // Pyrrha bee symbol stud earrings momocreatura secret garden ring // Chloe Rose Quartz Black Rhodium Ring // Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette // Deja le Printemps Eau de Parfum by Oriza L. Legrand

Black cotton-linen tunic //Thief & Bandit bralette underwear set // Scarf Shop cotton giant scarf, “tide” // Tamar Shalem flats // Baba Studio De Morgan Unicorn bag // Flannery Grace Good moth necklace // theeth mushroom and stone ring // LAS Jewelry The Hare ring // Pamela Love Anemone Ring // OCC eye shadow // Living Dead Beauty Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick, “Forbidden” // Hummingbird Extrait de Parfum by Zoologist // Alaïa Round-frame acetate sunglasses

featured image: Stranger Than Paradise/ W Magazine 2013 Tilda Swinton shot by Tim Walker


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