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Macabre Muse: Regina Marie Cohn

Regina Marie Cohn is the modern day personification of the Glamour Ghoul : with an extensive background in fashion, she runs immensely successful Oddities Flea Market, curates events at Brooklyn’s House of Wax Bar, and manages her husband, Ryan Matthew Cohn. The husband and wife team make their living collecting, restoring, and reselling the most macabre mementos in the world.

Regina describes herself as vastly morbid, a trait she’s had her entire life. Born to late in life parents, her very Catholic mother would remind her daily as a child that “she’d be dead soon”. She met her husband when she inquired over the price of one of his reconstructed skulls, and shortly after the two started dating, he proposed, appropriately, in the Paris Catacombs.

She left her successful career in high end fashion retail to dive fully into the world of the macabre, using her expertise to fully stylize their lifestyle and incorporate her business experience to broaden their opportunities. Despite her high glamour, Regina is one of the most approachable and warm people I’ve had the fortune to meet. She proclaims to be pet obsessed (her feed is full of photos of their beautiful cats!) and accustomed to being the shadows, and surprisingly, her favorite color is pink!

image credits: Jason Blake / Lucy La Riot / Jason Blake / Lucy La Riot / James Weber