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Noctex Giveaway!

Haute Macabre has teamed up with Noctex for a massive giveaway!

There will be five $100 gift cards and five $50 gift cards for TEN winners, randomly selected from our followers!

To enter to win, just follow these steps!

  • Follow both @HauteMacabre and @Noctex on Instagram
  • Repost your favorite Noctex piece from the shop to your profile (you can screencap from the Noctex Shop or from the Noctex IG!)
  • Tag it with #noctexhautemacabre
  • Bonus Points! Comment here on the blog with your IG name and what piece you posted!

We’ll pick the winners at random from the hashtag on Thursday, May 10! You must have your profile set to public in order for us to see your entry! Winners will be notified via direct message on Instagram.

91 Comment

  1. I posted the unisex pullover. I love everything but I’ve been obsessed with that piece for a while IG: Punkrockcatlady

  2. @annemathematics posted a pic of her beloved lab coat that I love and wear constantly and another pic of a tunic I’d like to win.

  3. I posted the photo of Chelsea Wolfe wearing the black kaftan–I love all of Noctex’s pieces but that one is definitely the one I covet the most! ig: livethrroughthis (with two Rs ?)

  4. I fell in love with the Roco Sweater! I can see myself wearing it with a long black skirt and boots! I entered the giveaway, naming the Roco sweater on Ivyspyder. <3

  5. My IG name is @annso89 I’ve posted the Gauze long sleeve, but the Kaftan has also on my Wishlist since its release! thanks for that opportunity !!

  6. @morgan.norelation posted the vegan leather lung bag, but also is in love with all the things with all the pockets ?

  7. I posted on my IG @dwellinfaith and would die of happiness to win the unisex long sleeve pullover hoodie that I first saw on YouTube from Jessica Haze’s video… and now my favorite blog is posting this giveaway…. aaaaaa let the stars align to my doorstep and mailbox please ?

  8. My Instagram handle is @kayeffsee and my favorite piece I posted is the unisex pullover hoodie. I live in this piece of clothing.

  9. Negin’s designs are AMAZING. Currently in love with the Piñatex Vegan Leather Bag (the kidney style is to die for!!!). I still have a couple of her harness from her etsy years!!!
    I’m beauty_scars_shop at IG.

    Thanks ladies for this giveaway!!!

  10. Ahhh this giveaway is amazing! My insta handle is @nnvrmndd and I posted the tulip longsleeve top and the terra joggers because I couldn’t decide…

  11. Hello! Thank you for this amazing giveaway! My ig username is @aile_en_feu and I posted the gauze long sleeve top 🙂

  12. This is an incredibly generous giveaway opportunity and first I want to extend my kindest thanks to Haute Macabre & Noctex for blessing us all with this giveaway! My IG handle is @ghoulsofthetrade and the pieces I chose to post are the Tulip Longsleeve & the Val Mesh Knit Longsleeve because I’ve literally had them bookmarked in my browser for MONTHS, waiting for my opportunity to place the order.

  13. Yay, love this giveaway! I am erinblur on IG and I posted the unisex long pullover as my favorite piece because I want to live in it forever but I truly love every piece i own ??

  14. I picked the Val long sleeve as it looks comfy as hell and I live for anything with thumb holes . IG: traumata

  15. I am in love EVERYTHING! The black kaftan I think I would wear the most. I love all of their clothes, if I had the $$ I would buy exclusively Noctex and other small businesses.
    IG: eatyourdog

  16. The Kaftan has been my wish list for like EVER!!
    I posted the comment with my IG name( actiasiisis) but I totally forgot to comment what piece!!! So here it is again done correctly lol

  17. My IG handle is @jupiterjiggles and I posted the black kaftan & Val mesh knit long sleeve, because choosing just one favorite is too hard!

  18. I’ve wanted the Unisex Long Pullover for so long!! I’m a sucker for hoodies or tops that can be worn over leggings. My IG is sarahsassypantz.

  19. @jessicak_524 and I’ve been lusting after the Zoe shirt for so long now! Thank you so much for this chance. Idk what I’d do with myself if I win. Shop, I guess! Lol. ???