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How To Wear A New Home


Ok, so not a literal new home. Maybe that title was a little click bait-y. I still live on the same block, in the same neighborhood, with the same old fellow behind us whose slobbery dog always escapes through an open window and somehow winds up at our front door looking for treats and walks and belly rubs.

No, my new other home is over at URSTYLE. If you’ve been following my How To Wear features for a while, you probably know my secret-weapon-that’s-actually-not-a-secret-at-all, because I’m a blabby over-sharer, and I’d tell anyone who asked: I used a website called Polyvore to create the outfits. Polyvore was a collage-making/moodboard type of site where you could save a “closet” full of items culled from your favorite shops all over the internet, and then create all manner of ensembles with them. I had an account over at Polyvore for the better part of a decade–I think many of you had, and I was poly-pals with several of you! It was, over the years, the one site I consistently checked in on, every single day; the process of creating these sets over there was a daily ritual both very soothing for my nervous disposition and it scratched a creative itch that I’d never been able to satisfy because, well, I am not a proper artist. I made a community of friends over there. I had an archive of over one thousand creations of which, while I know it sounds a little silly, I was absurdly proud. And then, without warning, the site closed down forever in early April.

I won’t get into the hows and the whys, and how broken-hearted I was; I have written it all out of my system on my personal blog already, and you are welcome to read my thoughts over there. I’m over the whinging and hand-wringing.  What do you do when a practice you love and you actually sort of need in your life is no longer available to you? Well, I don’t know what your therapist would tell you to do, but me? I work to replace it.

And…I believe that I have! I’ve tested out a few alternatives over the past two months, and I’m pretty thrilled with the URSTYLE platform (kinda hate the name though, but I guess I don’t get to vote on that.) The interface is very similar to what I am used to; they allow you to import all of your former Polyvore sets over; they’ve installed a “clipper” function, a widget which you can install in your browser to snag imagery from just about any site you are on, and whisk it away into your virtual closet; and they’ve got community forums! I’m definitely feeling at home, and life is starting to feel normal again. Laugh all you want, but this was a major disruption for me and left a massive hole in my heart.

Here are some ensembles I’m wearing in my new home, and, as always, you will find the item details under each grouping.  Please don’t yell at me if something is out of stock! They were all available in the last few weeks when I created the outfits, but sometimes things sell out quickly. I promise, I’m not dangling beautiful, unavailable things in front of your nose just to cackle maniacally when I see that you’re tempted by something you cannot have.

And I know, I know…I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color!



Striped & speckled knotted tee at Moorea Seal  / Balmain moto-style skinnies / Stella McCartney lace bra and briefs / Valley Eye Wear XVI sunnies / Rituel de Fille Written in Blood Forbidden liptstick / Alexander McQueen bird charm earrings / Golden Grove In Memory Of ring / Givenchy Lightning Bolt pouchELLIS BROOKLYN Myth Eau de Parfum / Tamar Shalem Black handmade leather flats

RUNDHOLZ Cut Out Jersey Dress / La Petite Trou bra and briefs / Charlotte Olympia zip wallet / Nutsa Modeblaze NM0062 boot / Christian Louboutin The Noirs nail color / Alicia Hannah Naomi Atlas ringPsychédélique eau de parfum 3.4oz by Jovoy / BloodMilk Snake Rib Ouroboros Small Spy Glass Necklace

Phillip Lim Flared Midi Dress  / Alicia Hannah Naomi Priestess necklace / Nutsa Modablaze NM0019 pump / Adele Mildred Diamanda sunnies / The Great Eros bralette / Journell Canopy brief / Broken Glass EDP by BlackbirdRituel de Fille Pyxis Celestial Sphere Eye SootZana Bayne Mini Signature Bag / Macabre Gadgets Black Corvus Ring

Items for this post’s featured image can be found here. As a final note, I am in no way affiliated with URSTYLE…it’s just a website that I like to use…and if you’ve found a new home over there too, please let me know!


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  1. I love that you coordinate these down to the lingerie layer. Now that’s attention to detail. Thanks for the swoon-inspiration!