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Would You Die For Love?

Dilara Findikoglu Wedding

Love has no gender, no race, no limits

As long as his wig wasn’t flat and his complexion not sunburn, he feared no battle
For all men who have challenged the way in which society views marriage and sexuality.

“Give us the right to our existence”
For the women who wish to revolt against gender stereotypes and etiquette defined by society and law, and express their love and sexuality in which ever the way they desire.

Model – @keownkillahgardener // @georginadsilva // @thatgirlsussi // @harrycharlesworth // @annannataylor // @somejuice // @saffiyah__khan //
Photography – @caspersejersenstudio
Styling – @elliegracecumming
Hair – @davidharborow
Make up – @lucyjbridge
Set – @william__farr 
Film – @bunnykinney
Production @joevendon
PR – @starworksgroup 
Team – @wingwatson // @sonnytassell // @valerianevnc // @alicethompzon // @nadja_victoria // @m.prky

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  1. I embrace something call true love, there is really no limit and it is totally unconditional, but it is also very hard to find this true love.