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Listen Closely, Hear Her Voice: Our Tarot

In late 2016, Sarah Shipman was inspired to combine her two of her favorite interests: Tarot and women’s history. Initially meant to be an art project just for her own enjoyment, she gradually warmed up to the idea of sharing it with the world. Eventually, Sarah launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation and production of Our Tarot and with the support of over six hundred backers, the deck and guidebook were completed and printed in early 2018.

Each card in Our Tarot is inspired by the traditional meanings of the mystic Tarot. Not only that, but each card is represented by a woman (or women) who has used her life to change the world. Just like the archetypes in traditional Tarot decks, the women of Our Tarot are complicated, flawed, and multifaceted. Some of the women are heroic, some are not. Some are considered beautiful, while others were never highly regarded for their appearance. Some come from privileged backgrounds, while others were born into adversity.

Sarah hopes that Our Tarot will not only be used for intuitive guidance, but for inspired education. By connecting with the real-life women showcased in this deck, you may find yourself drawn to their images and their stories. By learning about their lives, you might learn even more about yourself.

Some decks may be stacked against us, but this deck is ours.

A new, beautiful, and innovative deck that connects 78 women from the pages of history with the traditional archetypes and meanings associated with each of the 78 Tarot cards, Our Tarot comes with an illustrated guidebook that details the connections between the life story, accomplishments, and traits of each woman and the card she represents. The women of Our Tarot are a diverse selection of human beings and represent many ethnicities, creeds, socioeconomic classes, sexualities, cisgender and transgender identities, ages, and abilities.

According to Sarah, “This isn’t just a new deck with a different aesthetic.” Every single card will feature the likeness and name of a remarkable woman, combined with multimedia illustration that conveys the energy, messages, and symbolism she brings to the deck. “Readings with Our Tarot are a unique experience. When conducting readings for clients with this deck, I feel as though the ladies of Our Tarot are communicating with me through their legacies and accomplishments. By synthesizing historical experience with the mystical tradition of tarot, the messages they have for you becomes all the more clear”

Our Tarot can be used as a tool for insight, divination, personal guidance & coaching, education, and inspiration, and can be purchased here.