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BloodMilk OOAK Live Sale + Moth

For the first time, BloodMilk Jewels will be presenting a live sale via their Instagram Stories of a number of one of a kind jewels. In an effort to create a worldwide inclusion for the BloodMilk collectors, this sale will a streamed event with one of a kind and limited items that have been only previously available at destination trunk shows.

BloodMilk will be streaming this event at 3PM EST on Friday, August 10: Follow the BloodMilk Instagram to view

To purchase the OOAK pieces, you will have the option to “swipe up” on Instagram stories to be lead to a link to purchase after Jess and Jenny introduce and detail each item. This will obviously be a first come, first serve basis, as each piece is limited, so please mark your calendars for this event, and also please be conscious and accepting that this is an experimental event, with the aim to give the opportunity to those unable to attend the trunk shows access to special pieces. The BloodMilk team is making every effort available to grant accessibility to as many people as possible via the live stream.

Tandem to this event, there will also be a flock of planchette moths released into the permanent collection, with incarnations of rings, necklaces, and brooches.

I have a personal, special attachment to this series, as it was originally birthed as a tattoo design over a Thanksgiving dinner at my home in New Orleans a few years back: Jess and I wanted to have matching tattoos, and overnight Aaron drew the original Planchette Moth and the following day, Jordan tattooed it on us. I am very excited for this series to make its way into the wild, and brings each of you the feelings of family and joy that I have been fortunate enough to experience through them.

The current Moth collection will find a new home within the retired archives of the BloodMilk line on September 7, so please be aware these are the final weeks to add these to your treasure chest.