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Major Arcana: Witches in America

Celebrating the reclamation of the word “witch”,  Frances F. Denny photographed a diverse group of women around the country (including genderfluid and trans individuals) that identify as various incarnations of the archetype.

Major Arcana explores the various ways the notion of witch-ness belongs to those who claim it, representing the witch as a self-sought identity that both empowers and politicizes its bearer.

Each image is a poignant portrait of the subject: there are few props and little staging, and each image is lit with ambient natural light portraying its Witch in her natural environment. Some stare directly into the camera, focusing their attention directly at you, and some are looking off, as if channeling some unknown force and convening with their elements. The individuals depicted each carry a gravity, reinforcing the magnitude of power that is within the modern era of witchcraft that we are currently experiencing.

Major Arcana: Witches in America opens on October 4 at Clamp Art Gallery in NYC, the exhibit will be up through November 24.

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  1. I’m curious what exactly is the root of the claims that this article is trendy or inaccurate? It’s regarding a gallery exhibit of a series of portraits of women that are practicing witches. It at no point claims that only women or people identifying as women are witches, and aside from that, this is only a small selection of the images in the series without a description of what each individual’s practice is. Of course there are male witches out there, but this post about this photo series isn’t about male witches, just the same as it isn’t about kitchen appliances.

  2. Disgustingly shallow and inaccurate potrayal of us. We are all forms, no gender boundaries. This is rather offensive, where are the male witches? Kitchen and hedge witches? This looks like a hottopic advert.

  3. This article was definitely not written by someone who is a practicing witch. There is no depth. We male witches have been around for just as long as female witches. PLUS I believe that true magick knows no gender.

  4. I agree with you all.There are more of us out there then this article is letting on and not all are woman or trans.

    1. I agree. I am a male witch in Houston br way of Louisiana. I know far more male witches then what this article even attempts.