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New Sponsor: Straight Outta The Coffin

Please welcome our newest sponsor, Straight Outta The Coffin!

Launched just over a year ago, and now with a new site and logo design, Straight Outta The Coffin (and into the afterlife) is about breaking away from the “normal” of everyday life. An active member of the Vampire community of New Orleans and in Los Angeles, Straight Outta the Coffin’s founder, Ashley Pagliuso, has a immortal love of vampire pop culture and horror art, and has coined the term “Vampirephilia”: 

/ vam•pire•phil•i•a / n. the love of Vampires.

Straight Outta the Coffin features a set of men’s and women’s apparel and a set of enamel pins, with new designs launching for the Halloween season this year. Our clients include both the living and the undead, and our signature black on black vampire lips shirt was a specially requested design by Slash from Guns N Roses.

Find Straight Outta the Coffin in your local mausoleum, blood bank, or Endless Night Ball and at their Website // Instagram // Facebook