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A Love Letter To Beautiful Stationery: Open Sea Design Co.

Open Sea Design Co. is a creative design studio based in Brooklyn whose lovely paper goods have recently had us in raptures here at Haute Macabre. A two-person operation run by Melissa and Travis DeMello, their stationery line, launched in 2017, includes greeting cards, prints, notepads and notebooks, embellished with exquisite motifs inspired by weird books, ghosts, spiritualism, magick, secret societies, herbalism and Victoriana. As both collectors of beautiful objects and avid practitioners of the lost art of written correspondence, we couldn’t be happier to have discovered their wares!

Melissa started Open Sea Design Co. in 2015, after almost 8 years of working in a small design studio. Having grown up in Cancun, Mexico, and with a childhood spent mostly in the ocean, “Open Sea” is a name with deeply personal meaning to her and a dream long in the realization.

With a love of horror in younger years that led to a fascination with the occult, Melissa, along with plant and nature-obsessed Senior Designer and illustrator, Travis, has translated these marvelous passions into stationery items for people who obsess over old books and objects, and love things which have hidden meanings. With regard to their influences and intentions, Melissa impishly declares:

“In a world (the stationery world, that is) where everything is quirky, cute, pink, and pretty, our goal has always been to make stationery that was anything but.”

With all of these enchantingly gorgeous options, though, it’s nearly impossible to make a decision as to what we need first for our stationery baskets and antique roll-top desk nooks! Luckily for us, Melissa is here to assist, and shares some of her must-haves: “I definitely have some favorites. I’ve gone through several “Witch List” note pads at work. It’s how I keep track of everything I need to do. I always carry a “Rose” notebook in my bag, and I’ve recently started using the “Luminaries” planner to organize my week.”

She further notes, “…however, I had the most fun designing the three Tarot notebooks (Strength, The High Priestess, and The Empress), and the “Psychedelic Pharmacy” poster. Both combined two of my favorite things: researching things I’m very interested in, and working with lots of type that I get to arrange in lots of different ways. Definitely my favorite way to work!”

Find Open Sea Design Co. : website // instagram

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