Every Trap Door Is In Good Repair: An Addams Family House Of One’s Own | Haute Macabre

Every Trap Door Is In Good Repair: An Addams Family House Of One’s Own

I’ve never been much for those jaunty seasonal holiday villages that spring up, overnight, on folks’ hearths and shelves, and whatever free counter space they choose to junk up with such things. Never, that is, until now–for I have found the perfect Halloween village scene for those who love all things creepy, kooky, mysterious ,and spooky: The sinister Addams Family home, miniaturized for a table top display by Department 56, and (un)naturally accompanied by its wonderfully dark and bizarre clan of eccentrics.

There’s the sleek and svelte, Morticia , and her Gomez, looking particularly squat and smarmy; there’s Wednesday and Pugsley playing with an adorable guillotine! And of course, Uncle Fester, just being awful and freaky in general. There’s even some additional eerie wrought-iron fence pieces to supplement your macabre scene, because you can never have too many spooky barriers for your property.

And who am I kidding? When Halloween is over, these guys aren’t being disassembled and packed back into storage for next year– the Addamses made absolutely no apologies for who they were, and neither do I. Or should you! The Addams Family is a celebration of subversion, and weirdness, and nonconformity…and if you ask me, those are notions that deserve a spot on your shelves all year long.

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