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Darkness Within At The Creeping Museum

“Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within.” 

The Creeping Museum’s new collection, Darkness Within is inspired by Shirley Jackson’s much beloved novel, the exquisitely unsettling The Haunting of Hill House. Comprised of the works of twenty artists, each offering from “Darkness Within” artistically interprets various different eerie passages from the book for the collection, combining to create an “illustrated edition” of sorts.

The Creeping Museum founder, Alyssa Glass, notes that as they revealed each piece over the last few weeks on social media, their hope was that people could read along at home. Hearkening back to an early love for the magic of stories and their accompanying visuals, Alyssa shares, “I still remember the anticipation I felt as a child reading an illustrated volume—hoping to see a piece of the story come to life with artwork with the turn of the next page—and I feel as though I rarely have that opportunity as an adult reader.”

Artists and corresponding nonprofits include:

Candles: Box art by Layla Sullivan and candles by Lisa Ciccarello
Nonprofit: The Jed Foundation

(And here’s a description of the Daisy Discovery Kit by Coleman Stevenson, which sounds really, really cool)

“Idly Eleanor picked a wild daisy, which died in her fingers, and, lying on the grass, looked up into its dead face… She pulled at the daisy, and wondered, smiling at herself, What am I going to do? What am I going to do?”

Coleman Stevenson—artist, writer, and creator of the Dark Exact tarot deck—has created a special ritual kit inspired by The Haunting of Hill House and the story’s themes of identity and belonging. “Daisy Discovery” is a tarot and flower ritual designed to assist you in your own quest for introspection. Coleman has also created a limited edition print inspired by her Daisy Discovery artwork.

Coleman is donating all proceeds from the sale of the Daisy Discovery kit and print to Street Books, a bicycle-powered mobile library serving people who live outside in Portland, Oregon.

Additionally, each of the “Darkness Within” bookplates was inspired by a different passage from The Haunting of Hill House. The set features the work of twelve different artists, and all profits from these bookplates will be divided between homelessness-related nonprofit organizations in each artist’s home city.

Artists include:  Maggie LilyMary SyringCindy BeanLaura GrahamIvonne CarleyJessica McCourtDaniel RathbunLauryn BarnesNora AoyagiGemma HansonMiranda L. TarrowDomonique Alesi

Bookplate nonprofits: Project SAFE, Philadelphia, PA // San Francisco SafeHouse, San Francisco, CA // The Road Home, Salt Lake City, UT // Join PDX, Portland, OR // Sunburst Youth Housing Project, San Diego, CA // Mercy Hospice, Philadelphia, PA // Kitsap Community Resources, Bremerton, WA // Courage MKE, Milwaukee, WI // PATH, Los Angeles, CA // Homeless Prenatal Program, San Francisco // Foundation Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK // Central City Concern, Portland, OR

Find The Creeping Museum: website // instagram

Art, in order of appearance: Megan Wyreweden, Becky Munich, Laurel Witting (Cup of Stars necklace)
Candles: Box art by Layla Sullivan and candles by Lisa Ciccarello
Daisy Discovery set: Coleman Stevenson
Bookplates, in order of appearance: Ivonne Carley, Cindy Bean, Maggie Lily, Domonique Alesi, Lauryn Barnes.