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Full Moon Survival Spells: Structuring Self Care

Our friend and contributor Sarah Faith Gottesdiener was unable to complete the monthly Full Moon Tarotscopes for the October Full Moon in Taurus due to an ongoing injury, so we are sending her all of the speedy recovery vibes we can muster. In lieu of this month’s Tarotscopes, here is a self-care excerpt from the Many Moons 2018 volume 2 book, available at Lulu.com.

While in recent years self-care has become trendy, implementing and structuring self-care into our lives is imperative. The fact of the matter is that many of us are running on fumes. For years. Decades. The fact of the matter is that many of us have been running on fumes for hundreds, if not thousands, of years: the exhaustion of invisible labor and exploited labor and emotional labor passed down from generation to generation to generation. Many of us are so tired that we don’t even know how tired we really are. There are no words to describe this type of exhaustion. Self-care can be defined as caring for oneself—with one person’s care techniques and behaviors looking drastically different from another’s. Self-care is what we do to take care of our emotional, mental, and physical health. For me, self-care is tied to spiritual work is tied to survival, and ultimately going past survival to arrival: taking up all of the space one needs in one’s own life in order to enact our spiritual purpose.

Self-care is survival is staying alive is ultimately thriving. Because when we are taking care of ourselves, we can care for others in a more authentic way. Because when we are taking care of ourselves, we are ultimately taking care of others: those that need us literally to live (if we are caregivers and family members) and the greater collective that needs our energy, our efforts, our genius, and our brilliance that lights up rooms, inspires communities, and changes the world for the better. It all starts with knowing what we need and giving that to ourselves, consistently and resolutely. Survival spells look all different kinds of ways.

A survival spell could be blocking that caller. A survival spell could be praying for the healing of your former stalker, but distancing yourself from all of the mutual friends who still hang out with them. A survival spell could be working out a payment plan. A survival spell could be advocating at the doctors to try a new study or procedure. A survival spell could be reminders on your phone to take your meds, cancel that unnecessary obligation, make that therapy appointment, put an auto-responder on your email, call your bestie. A survival spell could be a manicure that reads “B-A-C-K O-F-F.” A survival spell could be eight glasses of water and a magnesium supplement. A survival spell is speaking, screaming, repeating your story come hell or high water, for yourself, your dreams, for others like you to see and to feel less alone. A survival spell could be slipping a piece of paper in your shoe that says, “Moving forward with protection.” Slipping that black tourmaline into your bra. Lighting that red candle with three dimes and a sliver of hematite inside it, this or better, so it is. A survival spell could be praying for your friends, praying for your community, praying for the Earth. A survival spell could be your donation, your petition, your protest. Making sure your friend gets home safe by giving them a ride. A survival spell is an ask for help, asking for a loved one to come over with soup and face masks. A survival spell could be a salt bath every day for the next few days, no guilt, no judgment, just you, your blank mind submerged in the heat and the quiet, the salt drawing out the stress.

A quick way to change your mindset is to rearrange your space. Put up new colorful pictures that remind you of what you want to see in your life. Change which way your sofa faces or add a couple of pillows to your bed. Buy a plant or two, name them, talk to them, give them enough light. Donate items you do not need, or that remind you of a less than shitty time in your life.

An easy way to change your energy levels is to rearrange your schedule. Put you first. Block off time for that 40 minutes of yoga. That 30 minutes to research therapists. That 20 minutes to experiment with new makeup. That 10 minutes to read. That 3 minutes to journal. Get used to saying “No,” or “Not now,” or “Can we touch base in a day or a week?” or “I’m sorry, I’m not available for that right now, but here are a few options for you to look into that I can think of in the meantime.” Put the activities that fill you up— rituals, spell work, friend dates, naps, walks—in your schedule, along with your obligations, and live your life around that.

A survival spell is self-care, and self-care relies on our intuition. Structure intuitive practices throughout your day. Normalize the clear connection and the channel you have to yourself as you wake up, as you wait in line at the grocery store, as you sit down to work and you ask for a gentle morning, or for the solutions to come easily and joyfully. Schedule your intuition check-ins throughout the day, whether that be meditation, journaling, or speaking to your guides as you do the dishes.

Ask your intuition to show up in the form of synchronicities, signs, and symbols. Listen to the radio, open a random book, and see what the universe wishes to present to us. Trust your intuition. Trust your Self. Make decisions based upon your intuition. Trust your decisions. Just because the answers are coming from inside of you doesn’t make it not real. BECAUSE it is coming from inside of you should make it even MORE real and potent! We can ask for help and pay attention when our solace shows up. We can ask for help from Spirit, our guides, our friends, and our community.

We can choose to make our process hard, or make it easier. We can choose love, or choose fear. It is up to you.

Darling reader, allow yourself to thrive, wherever you are. You’ve worked through and breathed through and moved through so much to get to this point. If you need to rest, use this week to rest. If you need this week to really zero in on what your body needs in terms of sleep, hydration, food, or supplements, focus on that. If you are being pulled to finish that first draft, stay up that extra hour to redesign your résumé, put you first, no matter what that is, do it. There is a driving force within you that knows who you are and what you wish to achieve. There is a strong, clear messenger inside of all of us that knows what we are capable of and how we must move forward. Listen to your intuition and give yourself what you need. Take all the space you need; save some energy for your wonderful self. Structure in your self-care and step into your arrival.

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  1. I am so thankful for this wonderful, amazing post. I read it and felt transformed and rejuvenated. Bright blessings to all my sisters out there. Today I am in a lot of physical pain so I booked a much deserved massage and I plan on whispering my survival spell as I lay down on the table.