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Haute Macabre Halloween Shop Update

The Haute Macabre Shop will be restocked today, October 31, at 3PM CST.

Included in today’s restock will be the highly demanded Luminaries Planner and Witch List Market Pad from Open Sea Design Co and the beautiful Luminous Void Tarot. Our beloved Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab collection of perfumes and hair glosses will be available for pre-orders for the holiday season, along with the Dressed New Orleans Mausoleum Patch.

The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Trading Post perfumes & glosses and Dressed New Orleans Mausoleum Patch pre-orders will be open until Monday, November 12, with an estimated ship date of the second week of December.

Please visit the Apothecary section of our shop to shop our full collection of perfumes and hair glosses (available at 3pm on October 31).

Haute Macabre: Oak leaf, bourbon vanilla, almond husk, and black leather accord darkened by a 13-year aged black patchouli. My personal favorite of our collection, I’ve gone through countless bottles of my own!
Available as a fragrance oil and a hair gloss

So Below: Amber and black copal with black coconut, Sumatran red patchouli, green cardamom pod, and golden musk.
Available as a fragrance oil and a hair gloss

Burying Point: Damp clusters of brown patchouli, dried maple leaves, black sage, spikenard, and curled, misshapen mandrake roots
Available as a fragrance oil and a hair gloss

The Mummies of Mexico City: church incense, ornate gold, old lace, and dust. A sacred, secret scent, recalling residual whispers of incense settling into the ancient, forgotten dust.
Available as a fragrance oil and a hair gloss

Laurel Hill: Mountain laurel petals limned in pale pink settling among boughs of hemlock, soft mosses, and dark lichens. (also Sam’s Mom’s favorite of the entire collection!)

Esbat: a ragged canopy of moonflower and morning glory, dew-touched mosses creeping over gnarled oak roots, and shimmering beams of mugwort, cuckoo flower, and rose mallow.

St. Louis #1: Drooping Spanish moss and crumbling marble, sweet olive blossom, 13-year aged black patchouli, and offerings of Bay Rum, Florida water, and tobacco

Created by Laura Zuspan, The Luminous Void Tarot Deck is a 78 card deck and guide book featuring original watercolor art. Each card is a lush and colorful depiction of the Major and Minor Arcanas of the Tarot with rounded edges resembling the Medieval playing cards of the 15th century on display at The Cloisters Museum in NYC.

The Luminaries Planner is a beautiful undated weekly planner featuring entries for daily planning, to do lists, daily tarot recordings, and more. 64 pages, spiral bound with an epic black cover printed in silver and goil foil, measuring 7x 9.

The World is Yours.

The Witch List Market Notepad is perfect for your to do lists, spell ingredients, and shopping lists. Printed on uncoated bright white paper, measuring 4.25 x 8.25 with 65 pages per pad.

She herself is a haunted house.

Here in New Orleans, we live below sea level and are “buried” above ground. Mausoleum handmade patches by Dressed New Orleans, made individually on a vintage Singer 114w103.

Please note that our Black Phoenix and Dressed New Orleans selections are a pre-order, due to ship early December. All items in your order will be shipped together. If you would like to receive in stock items such as the Tarot cards or Open Sea Design Co paper goods sooner, please place a separate order to be shipped immediately.

The Shop Update will be live at 3PM CST on October 31